Various things such as extremely rare license plate of the imperial style

The place name of the license plate sticking to the front and back of the car is not the prefecture name, but it depends on which land vehicle transportation bureau the automobile is registered. Although this license plate is a unified style in Japan, it is another notation method in the past, and when going abroad, a notation method completely different from Japan is done.

At the Tokyo Motor Show 2011, the world's number plate exhibition was held.

License plate of the world being exhibited.

In the United States and Canada the notation method called alphabet + number is done. In the desired number plate you can apply for letters and numbers you desire, but the combination of letters has a judgment. Those with a logo represent public activities, etc. Some of the fees are entered into these organizations and are used for public benefit activities.

This is Oceania. Australia's preferred number plate consists of a pattern of two numeric characters plus three alphabetic letters, three alphabets plus two numeric characters, three alphabet letters plus three numeric characters. On the other hand, the bottom one is from New Zealand. In New Zealand, it is written with a number of 6 letters or less and an alphabet, which is decided in the order of delivery.

Number plate in the Middle East / Africa. There is no number plate of the desired number, basically the number is assigned in the order of grant. for that reason,Number plate "1" is bidding for the highest ever amount of 1,530 million yenThere are people who put high money to get the desired number.

The top three are European, the bottom 3 are Latin American. Even within the euro area formats are disjointed.

I came into Asia.

Since Bangladesh (top) is written in Bengali, I do not know exactly what is written. In the case of this number, the upper line is Dhaka Metro (issued office), the lower is the number 55-5555 in the notation.

And the number plate currently used in Japan. Depending on the color, private cars, business vehicles, light cars are divided for private use and business use, and there is a special license plate for diplomats.

The history of the number plate where the era has largely come down from the upper left to the lower.

This is the number plate that was used by the Ryukyus government before Okinawa was returned to Japan after the war.

The number on the top is the number before the Road Trucking Vehicle Law was established in 1952. Since 1954, numbers like the middle two were used in private cars. The lower row is the number for foreign soldier army.

Stationed military personnel number since 1965.

Transition of license plate of private car. In the past it was a kanji (place name) 1 letter + number 1 letter in the upper row, 1 letter + digit 4 digits in the lower row, but since 1969 the kanji has become the land transportation office notation 2 characters, The number is two digits. Now the classification number is three digits.

By the way, this is the number plate of the imperial style. There are few opportunities to see.

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