Completely reconstructing the LFA studio that handmade Lexus one by one a day with diorama

Toyota's luxury car brand "Lexus (LEXUS)". Among them, 500 super sports cars were sold exclusivelyLEXUS LFAis. The purchase application has already been completed, and production will be carried out from December 2010 to December 2012. Why it takes two years to produce even though it is 500, because I am handmade at one pace a day.

At the Tokyo Motor Show 2011, the state of the workshop was reproduced with diorama.

People gathered to take precious LEXUS LFA.

LFA of exposed state such as engine was also exhibited.

Then, we will step through with the diorama how this LFA is made. First of all, in order to manufacture a CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) body,Cylindrical weaving (braiding)to hold. This is a process of weaving a carbon fiber into a cylindrical shape to form a hollow roof side rail.

Next is RTM molding. We will mold the floor panel integrally using a pressing machine by the molding method called RTM method which pours resin into dry fiber in the mold and heats and hardens it.

Subsequently, prepreg autoclave molding. "Autoclave" is a pressurized heating furnace, "prepreg" is a method of sticking a resin impregnated sheet to a mold and thermally curing it while extruding the resin with an autoclave. This will mold the dashboard and side members (part of the skeletal structure of the car body).

Then we will precisely inspect the dimensional accuracy and the finished quality of the completed body assembly.

This completes the process of body manufacture and goes into painting.

The parts are painted yellow.

The process is to assemble the car at the end.

We gather parts from here and we will assemble them here.

Finally, inspect the completed vehicle.

In this way, LEXUS LFA is completed and delivered.

The domestic production volume of automobiles is about 900,000 units monthly, but the production quantity of LFA studio is about 30 units a month. You can see how much time and effort is spent on each car.

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