There are still 3.5 million dialup connected users in the US


Japan is one of the world's leading broadband developed countries. ADSL, FTTH (optical line) is pretty widely used besides constant connection service by cable television,Many airports can use free wireless LAN serviceIt is quite few to fall into the situation that "the line is troubled at a low speed".

It was in 1987 that the world's first commercial Internet provider (ISP) was born and the public became able to use the Internet. In Japan, the first commercial ISP was born in 1992, and many Internet connection services were born. Since the future generations were naturally born and grew up in the IT environmentDigital nativeIt is said.

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Such a digital native generation may not know much, but the sound of a dial-up connection. If you are a person who uses the Internet for a long time, will not it be true that memories of those days will be revived simply by listening to this sound "peegagaga"?

The Sound of dial-up Internet - YouTube

Turning to the world, there are still many users connecting to the Internet while still listening to this "peega-gaga". Even in the United States which is the birthplace of the Internet, dialup and ISDN are still active.

Amazingly, AOL still has 3.5 million dialup subscribers - SplatF

Although SplatF summarizes the numbers of 10 years here, the number of dial-up users of AOL peaks at more than 25 million in 2002, from which the numbers are steadily decreasing, but 3.5 million people still have AOL's I continue to use dial-up connection.Data as of the end of March 2011According to the Internet population of North America is 272 million people, it is about 1.3% of the whole.

Interestingly, AOL's user decline was due to the online DVD rental company that started in 1997NetflixIt is inversely proportional to the increase in the number of users. It is just a graph that you can realize that the times have been changing.

Gizmodo has received nice comments from families suffering from such AOL. It is likely that such interaction is spreading in many of 3.5 million families ... ....

3.5 Million People Are Still Using AOL Dialup (!!!)

Mother in his late 50's: PC is slow.
Me: No, my mother, because I am using AOL, it is late.
M: The internet is slow, too.
Me: No, Mother, because it obviously uses AOL.ComcastIt's 20 Mbps.
Mom: Hmm ... ... I use Internet Explorer as you taught me, but it's still late.
Me: First of all, I said "using Chrome." But, I'm sorry to say, but my mother started IE and eventually I use AOL as a browser.
M: I think, but you have to buy a new PC?
Me: Nice or mother, surely that PC is old,CraigslistIt is because of AOL that it takes 10 seconds to open a community site (community site).
M: I tried using IE, but after all it was late.
Me: Because I was still using AOL. IE is not as fast as Chrome and Firefox.
M: I wonder why this e-mail gets messed up. I think that it is useless to say that "Outlook" used by my father is useless.
Me: Although the usage of my father's mailer is certainly a problem, the real problem is that I am using AOL mail and I use AOL as a web browser. If you use Gmail and Chrome, or Firefox, IE, that problem will not happen.
M: But I do not want to quit AOL. I like AOL.
Me: Oh ... .... (World's longest sigh)

In the conversation above, my mother says "I am using IE", this is probably the IE that AOL customized for users.Customized IE 8,Customized IE 9In addition to theCustomized FirefoxAlso available. furtherVarious software for AOLI am waiting for you.

The appearance of customized IE 8 seems to be like this, so it is not surprising if you do not notice it as a person who is not familiar.

In addition, the Internet connection speed among the state of America is the fastestRhode Island, With an average of 8.2 Mbps. Washington D.C. ranks third at 7.5 Mbps and California State with Silicon Valley is sixth at 6.7 Mbps.

Also, Korea with an average of 13.8 Mbps will be ranked first if you are looking at countries with fast Internet connection speeds in countries in the world. Japan is ranked third with 8.9 Mbps and America is not ranked out of rank by 10.

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