ATOK can use up to 10 personal computers and smartphones "ATOK Passport"

As a new service of JUST SYSTEM Japanese input system "ATOK" which has high character conversion accuracy and strong support from usersATOK Passport"Was announced.

It is a ridiculous content that you can always install the latest version ATOK on a maximum of 10 computers, such as PCs and smartphones.

News Releases | 2011.10.27 "ATOK Passport" which can use all the latest "ATOK" for Windows, Mac, Android at 300 yen / month will be offered from Tuesday, November 8

According to JustSystems' press release, the company announced the new service "ATOK Passport" which expanded the "ATOK flat-rate service" which is the unlimited use of "ATOK", the latest version offered for Windows and Mac, for ¥ 300 per month It will be offered from Tuesday, August 8.

"ATOK Passport" is a price expanded to Windows, Mac, Android, compatible platform, with the price of 300 yen per month intact, up to 10 installable. The contract month's fee is free, but if you cancel in the contract month 300 yen will be charged.

Usage image. Simply enter the serial number issued when you subscribe to ATOK Passport with the online store "Just Myshop" for 30 days on Windows and Mac, 15 days on Android for "free trial version".

As a background to starting such services, JustSystem has cited the increasing number of users using "ATOK" with multiple devices such as personal computers and smartphones.

Japanese input system ATOK Passport

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