The share of the smartphone industry, manufacturer by type of male is revealed

While major manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and HTC are pushing hard on the smartphone market, the share of each company has been revealed.

Millennial Media Releases Q3 Mobile Mix Report | Millennial Media

Millennial Media Inc., a mobile advertising company, said that Android accounted for 56%, which is the majority in American smartphone platform shares, according to survey results announced based on its advertisement display number.

The market shares of smartphones are also revealed in the graph, with top-level manufacturers holding 23.09%, second-place Samsung 16.48%, third-place HTC 15.50%, top manufacturers occupy a large share . In addition, NOKIA which was the most popular in the mobile phone industry was 2.41% (8th), and Sony Ericsson familiar with the popular "Xperia" series in Japan boasts 0.53% (11th place) I will.

When it is a pie chart, it looks like this. If you look at this graph, you can see that there are only about six companies that have a presence in the smartphone market. By the way, AppleSamsung in second place, HTC in third place, Motorola in fifth place sued with intellectual property rights infringementdoing.

There are parts that Kyocera does not have much presence in the smartphone market, such as overtaking Sony Ericsson familiar with the "Xperia" brand, but it seems a bit strange, but this is because Sony Ericsson is not the North American, but the European market Because it is a battlefield. However, North America is one of the world's largest giant markets, and this ranking has very significant meaning.

Overview of shipment of domestic mobile phone terminals in the first half of FY2011 | MM Research Institute, Inc.

According to the shipment survey of domestic mobile phone terminals in the first half of FY2011 announced by the research company "MM Research Institute" on October 27, Sharp will have a share of 22.7% in the first-half smartphone market (shipment volume of 1,040,000 units) And it is clear that it was ranked first, and you can see that there is a big difference between the domestic market and the American market.

Basically, the more you occupy the high market share of any market, the more you can lower the manufacturing cost by taking advantage of the scale merit, and as a result you can lower the selling price, you will be able to aim for further market share .

In other words, as a background for each company desperately fighting for market share, there is a spiral that "strong maker is stronger and weaker maker is weaker".

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