To the limits of human beings, the world of "one-man band" playing all kinds of instruments by one person


A band is usually done by some people, but the one that performed all that alone and raised it to the performance range is a performance called "One Man Band". Manipulating instruments with just two pairs of limbs and mouths, taking sometimes unusual playing methods, and remodeling instruments themselves, and even their own ingenuity for each performer is packed as this .

Together with the excellence of music, I have compiled the images of the performances that will taste the novel surprises even by eye.

Many bands are often held on streets, and people who enjoy it will hand chips

Amazing One-Man-Band Street Performer in Croatia (Cigo Man Band) - YouTube

Not only are we just walking around, we are knocking on the drum with a rope stretching from the heel.

Super funny !!! One man band - YouTube

It is not just overseas. This is a Japanese one band band,Funny Tombow.

Funny Tombow One Man Band on Bourbon Street - YouTube

Sound comes from a huge ride with wheels. How far is the instrument?

Cuban One-man Band - YouTube

The method of playing the guitar by placing it on the knee is distinctive

Juzzie Smith - Train Ride - YouTube

I am playing with my own musical instrument which gives a tremendous number of sounds

Professor Gizmo one-man-band St. Louis Blues - YouTube

If you look closely you are knocking down the bass drum with your hands deftly. I do not know the meaning of costumes like black wakame.


My own white drum set compactly assembled is excellent

One man band, Bratislava - YouTube

It is a very simple station lunch style


Reproduce sounds of musical instruments etc. using voiceHuman beat boxTechniques and massivesamplerI am using

Dub FX live on Amsterdam - YouTube

Someday one-man bands with unexpected instruments may appear in front of you.

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