"Copco BAG CAP" which enables to seal and open and close caps of every bag mouth

Many people think that snacks with bags will eat too much as it opens and moistens over time, thinking that you should not eat it."Copco BAG CAP"It is convenient for such a person, it is a "lid of the rear attachment" so that it can be attached to a bag and opened and closed.

Do not despise this BAG CAP, Takaka as a lid of snack food. The application to the food of a considerable width around the kitchen is beneficial, and its tightness is also very excellent. I will experiment with various things how to actually use it.

Copco - Bag Cap

This is "Copco BAG CAP". You can also purchase through a mail-order site, but this timeUmeda LoftAt 998 yen (tax included) I bought it.

The back side looks like this.

How to use it is written. Just put the lid over from the top through the bottom part in the mouth of the bag.

I took it out of the package.

The lid opens like this.

It is divided into an upper part with a lid and a lower part passed through the mouth of a bag.

The size is width 131 × depth 98 × height 56 ​​mm, but in fact it can be used for bags of rather wide size.

For example a bag of potato chips. What kind of method will be used to close and store the bag once opened? The clip is convenient, but the doubt remains in the sealability.

It is troublesome to close and close when it is closed with a cellophane tape, it is not realistic.

The rubber band also becomes useless for a rigid material bag.

BAG CAP is an excellent place to easily open and close while ensuring high tightness.

Once installed, you will be able to open and close the lid like this.

Installation is also easy. The bottom movie is a picture of actually attaching BAG CAP to potato chips bag.

How to install "Copco BAG CAP" to enable opening and closing snacks in a bag - YouTube

Of course it can be applied not only to snacks but also to various things around the kitchen.

For example, serial. Once opened, it is cumbersome to save, but if you arrive at BAG CAP like this, it will be easier to close your mouth.

There are rice balls for white rice, but there are many people who are troubled with preserving health rice to add to white rice, such as wheat rice and five grain rice. In such a case, BAG CAP is active like this.

The choice of bag material is also the attraction of BAG CAP. Like bags of boiled fish, even pretty consolidated bags could be mounted without problems like this.

Like wheat flour, it also exerts its power in powdered materials that tend to spill.

There is no problem even if it is turned upside down. There was anxiety that "Can not you use it unless you reduce the contents of the bag to a certain extent?", But this seems to be no problem in practice. All of the things I tried this time are wearing in full condition.

I'm getting into my mind about "How tightly sealed is there" here.

So I put water in the bag and checked to see if it leaked out is the movie below. I did not expect that it really was not to leak, so I was surprised when I tried it.

Sealability verification of "Copco BAG CAP" enabling snacks in bags to be opened and closed - YouTube

※ Since it is not what you originally used this way, depending on the shape and material of the bag, how it is installed water may leak out.

Since it is easy to wash with water in a simple shape, it is also convenient to be able to use it. As an accessory for a kitchen, it is an item that has unrepeatable performance that can be active in various applications.

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