"I-MiEV Nebuta" which supplies all the light of the event's eyelid only with one electric vehicle

The event "The role of a car in the future world" can be played "I-MiEV NebutaNagasaki PrefectureGoshima-shiThe event was held as a free trial type art event at the Fukue shopping street. In this eventMitsubishi MotorsElectric VehicleI-MiEVI installed a device that can supply electricity to home appliances and replaced it as a battery, and I caught all the light of Nebuta used in the event with one i-MiEV.

For this event, a contemporary artistKyoto Art and Design UniversityA professor'sTaki RikiMr. and his college students and students produced the original Nebuta. When waving or calling around the eyelid, it reacts to change its color and incorporates a mechanism to shine light.

First, there was a turbulence on October 14th the day before the event. With the influence of the intense front, suddenly the opening day is over one day back. But on the 15th day of the original scheduled date, Goto City will never rain at all, while Honshu is very rough in various places.

Clouds remained somewhat on the 16th day of the event but the sun sweat

A quiz style lecture and workshop was held from daytime on this day

In the workshop, local children were making shining hats worn during the event

Everyone is absorbed in color

Road regulation is done at the shopping area of ​​the venue, and preparation will progress steadily steadily

Nebula made by students of Kyoto University of Art and Design. I disassembled the completed one and carried it so far, so I'm reinstalling it again.

Nebuta, which had a distinctive appearance in the town, was a work of Mr. Tsubaki Tsubaki, "Before Flower"Than.

Preparation will be advanced unrepentantly

What is set on the roof of i-MiEV is Nebuta "Doris" which was newly created this time. This is the name of the sea goddess of Greek myths, it is also a sea anemone. It was that I imagined the Goto Islands surrounded by beautiful seas and expressed the positive power of nature by using the rich colorful sea lions living in the sea. Tsubaki talks about this encounter as a strong experience for children of the new generation.

Mr. Tsubaki watching progress

There was a cute decorated box next to the i-MiEV. This is a prototype of a 1500 W feeder.

The whole map of the venue. Although it is quite plenty, I will supply all of this light from one i-MiEV.

However, it does not start at the scheduled start time of 18 o'clock

A window appeared on the face of Doris. Apparently it seems to be a trouble of something. The neighborhood gets darker and darker.

I waited for about 30 minutes and it seems that I finally recovered. Children wearing a glowing hat came in

Doris glows and starts an event

When it glows in a dark place it has a substantial presence

Children gather with glowing Doris (i-MiEV Nebuta) - YouTube

It is an object made by imagining the dancer, "Hane and", the dancer of the original Aomori Nebuta

Children decorate stickers by sticking them apart

Light also entered Before-Flower

Doris's Tail and "Hane and You"

I am having fun with parents

Contemporary art is also a rare and fun toy if it is in the hands of children

Children playing with Before Flowers in "i-MiEV Nebuta" - YouTube

The sun's. There are also two faces.

Doris' face turned into a slot game and started rotating

Doris (i-MiEV Nebuta) face slot game - YouTube

Doris began to reflect the face of the participants in front of me

A silhouette appears striking the drum with the bright nebuts back. It is Fukue machi's "Flame Taiko" playing. The origin of the mysterious name depends on the fact that it was launched on the occasion of Fukue Great Fire that occurred in 1964.

Doris (i-MiEV Nebuta) reflecting children and playing flame drumming - YouTube

This is the Nebula of the moon. Craters and the like are also expressed finely.

A circle of light dances according to the movement of a person

Ripple of light spreading according to the movement of children in "i-MiEV Nebuta" - YouTube

Nebuta and color change with splashing sound, such as music and voice

The event ended safely before 20 o'clock, and the disassembly of Nebuta began. Holes are drilled one after another in the face.

Children were helping with disassembling together with them. When it comes to children's hands, dismantling also becomes play, and the Nebut which finished the turn is a toy state.

Children who do not mind the adult 's speculation or the like and break the eyelids into bokoboko - YouTube

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