Headline news on October 18, 2011

Canon, which has been sharpening Nikon and the Nikon in the field of single lens reflex cameras, has introduced a new top model "EOS-1D XWe announced.

We are assuming professional use for photographing photographers, sports photography, studio photography etc, and equipped with CMOS sensor of 35mm full size · approximately 18.1 million pixels. With renewed image engine, the processing capacity has increased to about 17 times so far, the usual ISO sensitivity has increased from 100 to 51200. In super high-speed continuous shooting mode, it is possible to shoot 14 frames per second at the maximum. Release planned for late March 2012.

CanonI plan to make a big presentation on November 3Although it is about news that even surpasses the flagship model of this single lens reflex camera, how much content will be ... ....

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

Lightweight thin, energy-saving e-book reader "biblio leaf SP 02" Review - GIGAZINE

Painting on the rainy day paintings drawing the landscape as realistically as a photo - GIGAZINE

[Dangyo] Father of fractal Benoit Mandelbrot, passed away at the age of 85 - GIGAZINE

◆ Today's lunch of GIGAZINE

Shrimp (shrimp, garlic, ginger, tomato sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, pea mackerel, liquor, salt, sugar, potato starch)

Spicy sweet potato and shiitake mushrooms (konnyaku, shiitake mushroom, chili, soy sauce, sugar)

Vermic rain soup (vermicelli, minced crab meat, onion, egg, chicken stock, salt pepper)

Brown rice rice

◆ Story (memo · various others)
Redon and its surroundings - Dreaming Century End | Mitsubishi Ichigokan Art Museum Gran Bouquet Collection Memorial
The message that Japan's first published work is too intense

You guys www watching the car while passionate continental songwriter wwww - Golden Times
Tension rises not only during driving but also

Students and teachers, the moment of miracle - Togetter

When I saw Twitter on the iPhone during class, my teacher forfeited the iPhone and got it returned, but when I was asked to return it, I was threatened with "Following on Twitter if I play with my iPhone during the next lesson" I made up my mind that I will never play in the class with my iPhone again.
MwmMmwm 2011/10/17 15:33:24

Students were iphone friends while teaching, so they confiscated them and said they said "I will follow you on Twitter later" when returning it only www
Kyosochu 2011/10/17 19: 25: 04

My teacher forfeited the iPhone and got it returned, but when he gets it back, I was threatened with "I will follow with my iPhone during the next lesson, I will follow you on Twitter", so I will never play with my iPhone in class again I decided. The follower is saying Seriously you come to the staff room tomorrow
Kyosochu 2011/10/17 19: 48: 36

This time was a story, but it seems to happen soon

◆ Science (science · academic · technology)
[Reading attention] Please teach an awful "human" anecdote such as mental abnormality, murderers: philosophy news nwk

◆ Society, Politics, Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
Ozawa, "A stone came out while you did not know!" - MSN Sankei News

Prime Minister Putin advertises Russia as an investment market - WSJ Japan version - www.WSJ.com

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin boasted that he knows that Russia's investment attractiveness is raised at the top of the world's largest enterprises on 17th and that they know that "a majority of you are trying to keep investing in the Russian market" did.

World's first spacecraft dedicated airport completed NHK News

【FX market】 Euro dropped, disappointment for German authorities' remarks (October 17) - WSJ Japan version - www.WSJ.com

In the foreign exchange market on the 17th, German officials made remarks hanging on the expectation that a solution to the sovereign debt problem will be shown at the European Union summit (Summit) on 23rd , The euro was sold.

Demonstration to protect vested interests "Born in developed countries" - Chikirin's diary

The globalization of the economy loses the boundary line between "developed and developing countries" in the world, instead trying to draw another boundary line.
Those who are likely to be deprived of "vested interests of citizens of developed countries" or "vested interests of being born in developed countries" have begun to resist this worldwide.
Who do the demonstrators dream of a world where whom and who are equal?

【Opinion】 Three policy changes that brought employment in the US - WSJ Japan version - www.WSJ.com

Innovative companies such as Apple created employment of the entire region of Silicon Valley. In addition, by creating a personal computer, raising the standard of living in the United States, productivity of the general economy improved.
But what was the cause of this development? It is three policy changes. The first policy change was a tax cut promoted by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): abandoned at the Everest climbing crow 8 million meters high altitude - society

Nationwide numbers 1 of Super Rich numbers are still New York - WSJ Japan version - www.WSJ.com

According to the latest survey by Wells X, a survey company, in New York, the main stage of the demonstration, "Ultra-rich" has more than US $ 30 million (about 2.3 billion yen) in net assets including housing It was confirmed. New York has 7720 people, second place is Los Angeles' s 4350 people, followed by San Francisco 's 4230 people and Chicago' s 2550 people.

Troubles of people who work in customs

"Having a professional consciousness (haha), we do not feel the dirty backing circumstances with a smile and a customer. But it is not an identity that can be dignified, so I will understand it. "
I guess something like the ideals of the organs.
Evaluation for Maid and Missed Ladies always has only "praise" or "disdain" - extreme.

Sushi disposal Toyama, intensification of revolutionary war is amazing: Untitled document

"I feel that the competition becomes intense every time a new shop opens, I can not bear to worry." It is difficult to talk with a severe facial expression since 1997 when I run a festival hayashi shop (Toyama city Bishoucho Hayatsune) Person in charge of Daisuke (Tenjoji Temple). I started a low price lunch from this month. "I am outsidering the profitability, but I want to acquire a fixed customer by having them go and visiting first and knowing the taste."

This "food" book is amazing! : Sugo book I do not know, surely you are reading

Recommend to accompany your favorite book "Sugo book" off. This theme is "food".
I met with people through books and did with the concept of knowing books through people, but this time the taste and dish were different. It is because "food and cooking and books related to it are set". It was a pleasant moment that I knew people through books, read through a person to a delicious dish, rent a lunch kitchen studio and read while eating while cooking while cooking. Thank you to everyone who participated.

No Border: I will summarize what I learned about 'words' in the past seven years with three lines.

Five steps to safely transfer her

◆ IT · Gadget (Net · Soft · Hard · Mobile)
When i thought iOS 5 and "I will reduce the battery as soon as possible?": IPhone chan

[News] Realize "clear high treble" and "resonant bass"! Release 2.1ch multimedia speaker with powerful high quality sound with maximum output total "41.5 W" with subwoofer
Started selling at the end of October at 8400 yen including tax.

World first "G-SHOCK" compatible with "Bluetooth V4.0" - 2011 - News release - CASIO

"GB-6900" is a next-generation wrist watch that enabled time correction all over the world by using Bluetooth V 4.0. By communicating with a smartphone compatible with this standard, the watch receives time information on the smartphone side, automatically adjusts the time, and various functions such as informing the wristwatch of receiving incoming smartphone and receiving mail can be used Become.

◆ Anime · Game · Manga (Subcar)
~ Social media and contents ~ Seminar released "Digital Contents White Paper 2011"

Market size of the whole contents is 12 trillion 641 billion yen, down 0.8% from the previous year, and it is continuing the declining trend, of which digital contents has increased 10.9% compared with the previous year to 6,858.8 billion yen. As for 2010, Freemium has settled, avatar / item sales are growing. The trends in the content industry over the past 10 years have been explained, such as the continued decline with peaks in 2007, steady progress from analog to digital.

4Gamer.net - [SQEXOC] How can I prevent a project from failing? Public project management open to the public at Square Enix

Currently, Square Enix seems to be trying to fundamentally change the game development system by making use of these things collectively. It may be a while ahead of them that these are actually effective, but if it goes well it will be revolutionary for the Japanese gaming industry. I would like to pay attention to the company's future trend.

(PDF file)Agreement concluded on NHN Japan and Takara Tomy enterprise media "Plarail" online game development
Scheduled to start service for PCs and smartphones in 2011

◆ Sports · Entertainment · Music · Movie (Entertainment)
"Akihabara Armor Case" First movie with Masako Renbu starring - Sponichi Annex Entertainment

It is the first time that a work dealing with the same case appears in the theater at "RIVER" (director Hiroki Ryuichi) starring Masako Lotus Boston (20) in March next year. Lotus Buddha who is a woman who has lost a lover is talking about "the feeling that the spine grows" to the content dealing with the actual case.
Lotus Buddha plays a woman with a setting that he lost his lover of "electric geek" in the incident. I got a big shock, but a figure is drawn showing that I will recover in the relationship with people. It depicts the pain of the heart I lost important persons than the terrible incident itself.

An image comparing Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button's F1 race with 0.009 seconds difference in rank, by simultaneous playback

Hanshin, Akanishi coach entrance examination / major news bulletin / daily sports online

Toyota, participating in "Le Mans" in 2012 with hybrid cars - Japan Real Time - www.WSJ.com

Toyota Motor Corp., Toyota Motor Sports (TMG), which oversees the company's racing activities, is a prototype vehicle equipped with a hybrid system next year, and the World Endurance Operation of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) including "Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance Race" I will participate in the championship revealed.

◆ New product (clothing / food / housing)
Japan McDonald's, "KBQ Burger" and "Double KBQ Burger" pre-sale at stores only

Prior to the launch of the new products "KBQ Burger" and "Double KBQ Burger", we will conduct preliminary sales for only 207 shops from Friday, October 21.

Winter limited release of "Morinaga Cocoa Hokkaido Milk 100", a fragrant rich white cocoa using 100% milk ingredients from Hokkaido

A fragrant white chocolate drink, realizing delicious quality even if made from hot water, as well as milk.

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