How to order "Caffeine-free" at Starbucks

Coffee stand that is developing nationwide regardless of urban area or suburban "Starbucks CoffeeIn "Caffeine freeI heard the story that it is possible to order, so I tried to actually order at the shop.

Before sleepYaWhen gastrointestinal condition is bad, It is told that women should avoid caffeine during pregnancy. Under such circumstances, when I was driven by the desire "I want to drink coffee by all means", I will release a procedure on how to stop by Starbuck and order smart "caffeine-free". And we also compared how much taste changes with the presence or absence of caffeine and compared with drinking.

Arrived at the Starbucks store.

When entering the store it is a counter in front of you. When approaching the cash register, a smart store clerk should point to the menu. If it is ordinary orders, there is no problem with that, but this time it is a custom order like "Caffeine free", so your choice is different. I mean,No choice of "caffeine-free" is written anywhere on the menuIt is from. If you stand on the counter with a sweet idea that it will manage somehow if pointing to the menu, there is a game over.

Those who are not confident who goes to the store clerk at the counter and is verbally in negotiating the order of "caffeine-free" orchidly go through the front of the counter brilliantly and go to the shelf where the coffee beans at the back of the store line up Please give me. "Caffeine-free" is not to do a special method at stores, but refers to putting coffee using beans that originally caffeine is missing.

This caffeine-free processing processDecafé (Decafe)And it is a method used in general food including not only coffee but also caffeine. It is a processing method widely penetrated in Europe and the United States, mainly in America with high awareness of health.

If standing in front of the shelf where the coffee beans are lined up, the store clerk often talks to me within one minute, let me recommend a recommended coffee or start explaining the beans. As it turned out, the blue package in this photo "Di Cafe Komodo Dragon BlendIt points to "I'd like to drink this at a shop." OK.

There is only one kind of coffee bean brand that "caffeine-free" is done in Japanese Starbucks. Please be careful as "Please withdraw caffeine of other brands" is an unreasonable consultation. Also, such as caramel macchiato, "espresso" used in many menus of Starbucks can not be made with "caffeinated" beans.

This time we will try to compare the difference in taste due to the presence or absence of caffeine by using "press service" to satisfy the demand "I want to drink coffee of certain brand of beans by all means". Unlike drip coffee, which will take all of the beans, the press tends to increase the taste no matter which beans you use, as bean chips and bean oil will remain in the extract.

It is reflected in the lower photo on the right sideCoffee pressIt puts in coffee beans and hot water put on the special equipment called as a special equipment called extraction type and extracts by pushing from the top so it can be drunk with different beans per cup. Incidentally"Press service" is not written in the menu.

The left side is "without caffeine"Di Cafe Komodo Dragon Blend"(390 yen including tax), right contains caffeine"Comodo dragon blend"(390 yen including tax). Both are the shortest size (240 cc), which is the smallest.

First of all I will try to drink "caffeine free". The fragrance is thin, the bitterness which is felt slightly felt at the start of drinking, wraps around the tongue when the liquid passes through the mouth. I can not affirm whether this is a peculiar bean of "caffeine-free", but after swallowing, I was concerned that I felt a slight pain in the back of my throat.

Next, I drank "with caffeine", but the flavor is different so I can not think that it is the same brand of beans. There is a sweetness like a nut without scent and rich and sugar, very rich flavor. If you eat it with chocolate with nuts it seems to fit very well.

Coffee added with sugar and milk may change taste, so I tried to put in white sugar on the side without caffeine, but the feeling that I left behind will not disappear did.

Next, I put self - service milk on the stand next to the checkout counter and tried it as cafe au lait. But again the difference between the tastes of both was left unopened at all.When removing caffeine, soaked beans in water or chemicals, it is said that the flavor will fallAlthough it is a "caffeine-free" bean, it was unexpected that even a Starbucks bean would make a blatant difference here.

I summarized the flow so far, I summarized the method which can order coffee without caffeine even if I go straight to the checkout counter after entering the store.

When you drink coffee without caffeine at the shop front, you can have it get in with a drip coffee machine besides the press service you tried this time. The taste of coffee will be clearer if you put it in drip. Also,There is a price difference of 300 yen for a drip coffee short, 390 yen for a short chest of press service and 90 yen for a press service shortSo please taste the taste preference and the pocket and try selecting the one you like.

1: Enter the Starbucks shop

2: Go to checkout counter

3: Do not glance at the menu presented by the clerk and say "Please short-cut (or Tall or Grande or Venti) of Di-cafe, please press or drip"

4: The clerk returns "It will take a while, is it OK?" (The time taken for drip and press is roughly the same. It seems that sometimes it is said that depending on the store, "It can not be done" depending on facilities )

5: I say "I'm ok"

6: Wait for coffee to enter the seat

7: Coffee is coming

8: Mission Complete

Because I could only drink and compare in different shops at different stores, I bought some beans to compare under exactly the same conditions. The editorial department "Nescafe Gold Blend CaffeinessAlso add, compare and drink in 3 kinds. "Nescafe Gold Blend Caffein Les" from the left, "Decafe Komodo Dragon Blend" without caffeine, and "Komodo Dragon Blend" with caffeine.

"Nescafe Gold Blend Caffeinres" has a thin scent and sourness outstanding, so it is suddenly flipped out of the ring. It seems that it was impossible to make instant coffee and drip coffee fight truly.

So comparing "cafein dicafe comodo dragon blend" with cafe in "comodo dragon blend", the difference between the two was considerably shrunk than when drinking at the shop. The editorial staff who does not drink coffee regularly and is not particularly committed is the level to comment "I do not know the difference almost". As expected, scent and richness was better with caffeine, but if you drink when you can not consume caffeine, people without caffeine will satisfy your coffee desire adequately.

When I was drinking and comparing at the shop front, a man next to me recommended coffee in a small cup for tasting was recommended by a clerk, but declined as "I can not get caffeine", ordered by myself I was drinking non-caffeine drink.

Also, when asked whether the order of "caffeine pull out" to the store clerk is large or not, "Because it is a shop located in the area where young people gather, it can not be said that the number of orders is large, but it is sure that the person who orders is reliable" . It is a coffee of "Caffeine free" which is not posted on the menu why, but I want you to actively present the existence, and want anyone to post it in the menu so that anyone can understand it.

2015/07/27 10:25 Addendum
According to the contact from the Starbucks Coffee Japan Public Relations Department Consumer PR · FM team,

According to the impression of drinking coffee with ordinary coffee in the cafe, "It is said that the flavor will be reduced due to soaking the beans in water or chemicals when removing caffeine", but in Japan Starbucks' s de cafe coffee we sell does not use any medicine, we use only water in Switzerland Water Process, our own way and remove caffeine.

... apparently ...

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