Easy refreshing credit card limit with "advance repayment"

If you are shopping with a credit card, that bill will be made in the following month or the following month, so you may not be able to shop when you reach the limit if you notice it. Although it can be cleared by raising the upper limit of the limit amount, if you have money properly, you will not be tormented by the limit amount by making use of "easier and more convenient" advance payment.

◆ What is "advanced repayment"?
A convenient item "Credit card" that you can shop even if you do not have cash at hand. Its mechanism is "When you use a card, money is drawn from a linked account." When you have a card, you can check whether the person is okay with shopping with a card, whether you have the ability to pay properly The card company will review it. If you are shopping frequently with a credit card and you can trust if you are able to withdraw properly every time, the card company will increase the total amount of shopping (credit limit) you can make with credit card in a month However, those who do not shop with cards or can not withdraw from accounts are refused even if they ask to increase the limit amount.


However, even a person who is properly using it, when buying a high-priced item or the like, there is a case that "Because there is money in the account properly, payment can be made but it is caught in the limit amount and can not shop" come out. There are three solutions at this time.

Solution 1:Wait for reset of limit
The first solution is to "wait for the limit frame to be reset". The limit is the amount that can be used in one month, so if it is reset the next month, we will be able to shop again.

Solution 2:Raise limit of limit
The other is to "raise the limit amount". If you are well shopping with a card and you are also able to pay, you can be reliable, for example, you can use up to 300,000 yen cards that you could only use 200,000 yen a month, or you can use up to 500,000 yen It will become like. If the amount that can be used increases, it will become possible to buy anything you did not mind, even if you had to worry about "Whether the limit amount was okay" in the past.

Solution 3:To prepay backwards
And the end of the solution is "carry forward payment". Advance repayment is literally "to advance repayment." When using a credit card, payment will be drawn at the same time as the set billing date, but we will advance the payment date and transfer money earlier. By doing this, payment is completed before the settlement time decided, so that the amount paid has been omitted from the requested amount, and space is created for the limit amount.

◆ Reset credit card limit

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The credit card limit is reset every month, but that day will differ from month to month and from person to person. This is due to the mechanism when the limit is reset.

※ From here as a sampleJR Tokai Express Card(CedynaI will explain it by using).

When shopping with a card, bills are brought up on the closing day set for each month. In Cedyna it is charged 10th of every monthClosing date, The 6th day of the next month is the payment date. Specifically, it means that the price payment date purchased from August 11th to September 10th, 2011 is October 6th. When the account is withdrawn, the financial institution sends a report to the credit card company saying, "With regard to the amount charged, surely the account was surely withdrawn from the account." This is roughly from the 8th to the 10th of every month. The card company that received this report confirms that "payment was done properly" and resets the credit limit of the card.

If this weekend is from the sixth to the tenth day all weekdays, both financial institutions and card companies are doing their jobs as usual, so we will proceed smoothly, but in case of the above case, it will be 10 I was on 3 consecutive holidays from 8th to 10th month. For this reason, while there were financial institutions that worked and took over the report to the credit card company even during the consecutive holidays, there were also institutions that reported on the week after the holidays came, and those who early received payment confirmation The limit amount was reset as soon as it happened, and an event occurred that the person who was not so was slow as it was. Because this happens not only in October 2011, the reset date will change finely depending on the date and financial institution's response.

◆ To actually "prepay"


It is not always shopping beyond the limit amount, but it is quite unpredictable that for someone who makes big shopping sometimes suddenly you can not use the card. In order to prevent such a situation from happening, it is quite helpful to know how to prepay for repayment in case of emergency.

It will be tough, but the method is very easy. Just call me to the support center (customer consultation center) of the card company we are using and offer "I want to carry forward in advance". The correspondence after that will change depending on the card company, but in the case of Cedyna there is a special department in charge, so that will take over the correspondence.

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Since the special department will tell you the method of the transfer procedure for the prepayment settlement, after that it will only do the transfer according to the method taught. You can not change the payment method (batch / split / revolving) when purchasing, but you can apply advanced payment for any payment method. Also, I'd like to "just like to advance this payment" "I want to advance shopping on October 1st and shopping on 7th October" "I want to advance all the bought in October" .

Indeed, people going abroad and going overseas for those who did a high payment with a card, in the case of earlier reimbursement and emptying the frame, those who are using it as a revolving credit card "are not going to have the limit amount soon" There are various utilization patterns, such as cases where the limit amount has been opened with a part of advanced repayment.

As a precaution, "You can not prepay back what you decided on the billing date". In the case of Cedyna, since the request of things purchased on the previous month 11th to the 10th day of the month will be decided on the night of the 21st, on the 22nd, "I would like to carry forward settlement of things I bought this day the first day Even if you contact ', you can not carry forward settlement already. Let's set up advance payment of items purchased from September 11th to October 10th by the evening of October 21st.

◆ Omake: In the case of a corporation?


Is it possible to make use of this convenient "advance repayment" not only for individuals but also for corporations? ...... The answer is no, unfortunately. When using a corporate card, it seems that it will be treated as "deposit" even if we transfer earlier in advance by the time. Advance settlement means that the limit amount is left open as the report of the withdrawal is sent to the credit card company, but since the withdrawal alone does not carry out the withdrawal, the limit amount can not be empty. If you are using a corporate card and the limit amount is strict, please raise the limit of the card after being judged.

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