What you can concentrate if you do not know "What is concentration" and "How to sustain concentration"


I think there are many people who thought that there is "a certain existence" phenomenon "Start cleaning the room before testing or before a big job." Because I am also so, I can not laugh at people, but even in the questionnaire taken at Kotnoha, that number isNever fewIt seems. This means that you can not concentrate on the things in front of you and have done other things.

We may postpone the test as "I can do bad things" and my job "I do not care so well", and maybe I'm excusing myself "I do not want to concentrate when I really need to concentrate" Is it possible to respond to such a feeling when it comes to life just as it is "when you have to concentrate". If you can concentrate by saying "concentrate!", That person is a person who can concentrate from the beginning. The problem is that there are many people who are not.

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However, I can not keep saying "I can not concentrate" forever. Fortunately, some people who have accomplished something in the world have published "How they concentrate in their own way". Because the methods presented by them are simple and many do not lose something as they have failed, those who think that "they can not concentrate and Osaraba!" See this article and say "Well, Let's read later and do not think "Please move right now.

In addition, what I referred to was Roy F. Baumeister, author and author of the book "Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength" written about the power of will, online administrative management system "Turbine"And agents dealing with IT related companies"Articulate"Matthew Stibbe, who is the CEO of Mr. Fleur Britten, freelance journalist," Focus "on text.

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What is common to these three opinions is that concentration is "Elimination of extra things"When"Attention to tasksThat is to say that the two are combined.

That "eliminating extra things" means do not multitask. In a concrete case, "While I was working on another, but since e-mail came, I was turning around to respond to that". It is not uncommon if it is a social worker, but the main task is divided by completely unnecessary task. According to Britten, 62% of current businessmen are in the "E-mail addiction" state and exchange e-mails frequently, according to Britten, the fact that work is concentrated at the most is fallen into the situation of 3 minutes between mails It is said that it is. Even researchers at Stanford University do not think that "multitasking is excellent."

In such a case, we will process it in a short time we decided to "do in a matter of minutes" and will slowly concentrate on the main task, "I will do it by 7 o'clock in the evening" It is to do. In this case, you need to process the postponed task later as well. I will never improve the situation if I postpone it forever.


And the problem is how to finally concentrate on tasks. Harriet Griffey, a writer who writes articles on health, says that he is the greatest enemy, says that he is a genius with sabotage, fantasy and distraction. People who have a consciousness that they do not have the concentration ability should have experienced that they had been over an hour if they noticed in the past article survey, games that started with a bit of a little effort, Wikipedia tour, and so on.

First of all, "Let's study only five more minutes" "Let's take a break after another five minutes"5 minutes rule"Thorough thing to say, in 5 minutes it is a short time that the cup noodles can not be extended, but by repeating this it will be able to train the will and self discipline.The Sudoku and memory game is superior in terms of mental training It is.

Also, please put a break as appropriate. IdealA 15 minute break for a 45 minute concentrationis. When concentrating, the brain will consume glucose (glucose) and eventually lose concentration or become resistant to temptation. Until to some extent, if you can take a break or ingest something, your concentration will recover. However, at this time it takes about 15 minutes for sugar to be used as fuel, so it is supposed to be a 15 minute break for 45 minutes.

Still, when you can not concentrate, there is also a choice of 'sleeping'. This is not a sound sleep but a snapshot, but mostlyThe brain recovers in about 20 minutesTo do. Ali is also interested in sports and hobbies in the sense of relaxing the brain, but "watching TV" is not good.

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If you still can not concentrate ... ... It is not enough power of will. "Some day" will not come to those who say "I will work hard one day." "Someday" is always referring to this time at the moment.

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