Apple event "Let's talk iPhone" announced "iPhone 4S" etc. Total Summary

Apple's official event held on Wednesday, October 5 (Wednesday) at 2 amLet's talk iPhone."People who kept awake in the middle of the night, even those who knew for the first time in the morning, grasping the whole picture of over an hour and a half is rather difficult, so I tried collecting the atmosphere of the day as much as possible.

By reading from the top, you can experience virtual presentation presentation virtually.

Start of presentation

Steve Jobs New CEO after retirement,Tim CookAppearance. This time will be the first product presentation for him.

Last week, two new Apple stores opened in Hong Kong and Shanghai

A record of 100,000 visitors on the first weekend

Screened the video on how the day actually was

Clerks at the Apple store sprinkling excitement

Clerk for all staff

Apple store, which is directly managed by Apple, is actually 357 stores

We have taken root in all 11 countries

Further about this recent update

First of all, OS X Lion

Worked for nearly 40 years in the Wall Street Journal, a popular IT columnist named a former diplomatic reporter in the Washington Bureau,Walter MossbergCompletion degree enough to praise it as "the best OS".

The download count has already reached 6 million times

80% growth from previous release

While it took 20 weeks for the number of users who chose Windows 7 to reach 10% of the total number of users, the number of users who chose OS X Lion has also reached 10% in just 2 weeks.

Also, "After a few years of exploration, I finally got a laptop PCnirvana(Nirvana) I found, "wired magazineErik MalinowskiA level to rave as well.

In fact, the number of sales of notebook PCs and desktop PCs has reached No. 1 in the US

The annual growth rate is also 4% for PC and 23% for Mac

Let's follow the growth trajectory in the PC industry over the past five years

At the moment there are 58 million PCs installed Mac from the beginning, expected to reach 60 million in 2011

Going with the market share in the US in August 2011, Apple is 23%

Next, let's look at the combination of iTunes and iPod

IPod started from 2001.

It is the 10th year in 2011.

Currently, iPod is ranked number one in music player

The market share of the portable music player in the US in August 2000 reached 78%

The cumulative iPod sales volume will soon reach 300 million units

The iPod sold 45 million units from July 2010 to June 2011. Sony knows how great it is compared to 30 years to sell 220,000 units of cassette player's walkman.

Moreover, half of them are people who are the first iPods

Let's focus on iTunes this time

Music download sales on iTunes began in 2003

Currently the number of songs handled is 20 million songs, which is 20 times the original scale.

It is also No. 1 as a music store

The number of downloaded songs will be 16 billion songs so far

Let's see the iPhone next

It is currently the number one in smartphones

Over the year the smartphone market as a whole is growing at 74%, the iPhone is actually growing at 125%

Fortune 500(List ranked based on total revenue of the top 500 companies in the U.S.), iPhone's share is 93%

IPhone is ranked first in customer satisfaction

Looking at the percentage of users who answered "very satisfied" in the mobile phone satisfaction survey, as of June 2011, iPhone users are 70% very satisfied.

In the global mobile phone market, the iPhone is 5% share

Next I will look at Apple's youngest product, the iPad

In this way it is also possible to use it with your family

It is also used in the school education field

It is also useful for maneuvering an airplane, a thick airplane's maneuvering manual and map will fit on the iPad

It is useful for hospital doctors, medical records and various medical information fits in the iPad, you can pull out data anytime anywhere and you can carry it

It is convenient for conferences

92% of Fortune 500 companies adopt iPad

It's number one in the tablet market

In the second quarter of 2011, iPad accounts for 74% of tablet market share in the U.S.

IT related news site "All Things D"ofJohn Paczkowski"Consumers do not want a tablet, they want an iPad."

This is the iOS family at the moment

There are 250 million iOS devices

I will move on to the explanation of the next "iOS 5" here


Looking at the proportion of OS installed in mobile phones in the United States in July 2011, iOS is 43%

Going with the mobile browser usage rate, iOS is 61%

There are about 500 thousand kinds of applications in AppStore

Of that, there are 140,000 applications for iPad

Apple is ranked # 1 in the mobile app store

The number of applications downloaded from AppStore is 18 billion

One billion times are downloaded every month

Apple pays $ 3 billion (about 230.7 billion yen) to developers

And new members will join the official app

That's it, "Cards"

Looks like this

It is an application to make so-called greeting cards

The completed card will be like this

100% cotton material

Various types of cards can be created

It will be like this when mailed

It is possible to notify by push notification

Delivery to the USA is 2.99 dollars (about 230 yen)

One case (about 383 yen) will be delivered to other countries

Available from October 12th

Well, it is about iOS 5

There are nearly 200 new features

I will explain 10 representative examples from among them

"Notification Center"

Swipe any time from the top to the bottom of the screen and display it, you can manage the latest information in one place. The text message, reminder, friend request, weather etc arrived are displayed together.

It does not disturb the play even during the game, the upper part of the screen turns and turns and notifies you

It becomes like this when receiving an incoming call or mail, and you can reply by touching and swiping

Next is the message function "iMessage"

A new messaging service for iOS users

It works on all iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

You can send anything, whether it is a picture or a message

You can also see that the other person is hitting the keyboard to reply

Push notification to all devices, 3G and wireless LAN available, communication contents are also encrypted

Next is a reminder function

Let's make a list of things to do and let's keep on checking rapidly as we finish

You can also add deadlines and location information

It can also be listed and listed

Next is Twitter function

Once you sign in with "Settings", you do not need to set each time for each other application

Once you take a picture you can immediately share it tweet and share it with others

Tweet from browser Safari

Tweet while watching YouTube

Map information can be tweeted as it is

Next is "Newsstand"

Features "subscription" feature

For example, instead of buying new magazines such as New Yorkers one by one, it is possible to say "Subscribe to this magazine or newspaper"

It is also possible to manage all subscriptions at once in this news stand

Furthermore, the download is automatically executed in the background unknowingly

Next is the "camera" function

This is considerably strengthened

You can now access the camera application from the lock screen

When this button is the camera start button

Raise the volume Press the button to enable shutter.

You can also display grid lines to make it easier to take pictures during shooting

Pinch operation allows zooming

AE / AF lock can also be touched

Easy to edit photos

Cropping with pinch operation

Red eye removal with touch

Automatic color tone correction is also one touch

Next is "Game Center"

Game Center account reached 67 million

You can now publish photos on your profile

Achievement point

Show recommended friends based on games you have played or already known players

Featured game display function

Next is "Safari"

Leader function that allows you to concentrate on reading articles without displaying advertisements or unnecessary things

Reading list function that can save the article list to read carefully later

It is saved in this way

Saved lists can be read by another device

There is a tab function

Next is "Mail"

Newly formatted text with bold, italic, underline etc.

It is possible to rearrange the name by dragging in the destination field and drag it to add or change to CC or BCC

You can search full-text of all messages

It is also possible to see e-mails that you receive at any time just by swiping

Next is the "PC Free" function

Until now I bought and it was in immediate condition until I connected it with my computer and it stopped on such a screen

But now it will be like this, no need to connect with a PC

I will get this screen as soon as I bought it

Free iOS software updates can be downloaded directly to the device via wireless LAN etc.

These ten areMajor new features of iOS 5It will be

IOS 5 is available on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, iPad, iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (3rd generation)

Upgrade fee is free

Available from October 12th



Next about iCloud

ICloud's mechanism is simple, and you have three of them, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. When you take a photo on iPhone, it will be saved automatically to iCloud as well.

That picture data will be automatically synchronized and stored on your iPad, Mac via iCloud, and so on.

I will move properly


A service of this new iTunes that used iCloud's mechanism

It is a function to easily listen to the same song on each device synchronously

For example I will purchase songs on iPad

Then you can listen to iPhone

I can listen on Mac as well

The reason why such a thing can be said, since all purchased music is saved on iCloud

By tapping here you can see the list of purchased songs

The purchased music is saved on iCloud

The purchased TV program is also saved

Since the file size of purchased music data etc. is truly large, it is downloaded from iCloud by tapping when you want to listen

Purchased content isApple TVBut you can watch it

Next is Photo Stream

Take photos with iPhone, for example

Then, the photo image taken the previous time to iPad's "Photo Stream" is automatically transferred and synchronized via iCloud

In this way you can browse on the iPad.

It is possible to browse immediately on the Mac in the same way

You can see it synchronously on Apple TV

Next you can sync various document files, also on iCloud

For example, the document you are watching on this iPad

You can see it even on iPhone

This iCloud fully automatic synchronization function is also available to application developers

Also included in Apple's iWork "Pages"


"Keynote" can be synchronized immediately since iCloud is built in as a function from the beginning

ICloud features will be available iOS updates are free

ICloud will start from October 12

In addition, iCloud can store application settings and data of purchased applications

You can also save e-books

You can also save the settings and data (camera roll, message, device settings, ring tone etc.) of each device itself. As a result, the iPhone at hand is broken, so when using iCloud to move to the next iPhone, you can quickly move the data back and restart as soon as you use iCloud. Just turn on the new iPhone and complete with just entering your Apple ID and password.

Contacts are also synchronizable

You can also synchronize the calendar

E-mail is also always kept up to date on any device with a free e-mail account provided with iCloud

You can find it immediately when you lose "Find iPhoneIt's also iCloud

You can display on the map where each device you own is located

"Find FriendsIs also a very powerful collaboration function with iCloud

An example of sharing and finding where your child is

You can share location information with your friends or share it for a set period of time and period

Friend discovery

When privacy is required, you can turn off the switch so that your location is not displayed or use parental controls to manage how children use the "Find Friends"

ICloud is free to use

It is provided as a function of "iOS 5"

It can also be used with OS X Lion

About purchased music · TV programs · applications · e-books, you can save to iCloud with unlimited capacity

For mails, various document files, and backup data, up to 5 GB is free

It is said that upgrade is possible for this storage capacity

Next is "iTunes Match"

It is a service that it will be able to handle songs you have purchased yourself in the same way as song data purchased via iTunes

There are 20 million songs currently on iTunes

Turn on iTunes Match to scan your songs (such as ripped from CDs and converted) and compare them with songs on the iTunes Store

If you have songs you own in the iTunes Store, you can sync later on iCloud using songs (256 kbps, AAC, DRM Free) on the iTunes Store. Songs not in the iTunes Store are uploaded to iCloud, streamed and playable.

This service is a paid service of $ 24.99 per year (about 1900 yen)

These are the features of iCloud

ICloud itself starts on October 12th and iTunes Match is scheduled to begin in the US and around the end of October this year.

For that reason,

Next about various iPod families

First off from iPod nano

Operation is now easier

Acceleration center is built in iPod nano, and data can be sent automatically to Nike site

It can record the number of steps walked, distance, pace, time.
In addition, iPod nano appeared a lot of accessories to watch from its appearance

Receive it, add 16 new watches

Discounted and classic watch

Nixie tube timepieceAlso something like.

Complex chronometer full

Feeling that it seems unlikely in fact

Mickey Mouse

There is also a minnie mouse (This pageAll types can be browsed with)

In Japanese yen8GB for 10,800 yen, 16GB for 12,800 yen

Next is the story of iPod touch

Explanation of basic functions

Actually the number one as a portable game machine

In addition iOS 5 will be installed here

You can also use iMessage

You can also use the game center

You can also use iCloud

In Japanese yen8GB is 16,800 yen, 32GB is 24,800 yen, 64GB is 33,800 yenWill be

This breaks down the whole series

And finally "iPhone 4S"

Feature 1st

With A5 processor designed by Apple

Dual core

The CPU speed is doubled than before

Dual core graphics function

Drawing speed is 7 times faster

It is the game that you can feel the power best

so,Epic GamesSubstitute

"Infinity Blade 2Demonstration, scheduled to be released on December 1, 2011

It is said that scenes that use graphic functions to the fullest, such as insects and birds flying in the sky, cherry blossom petals scattering, water surface expression, carp swimming in the water

Demo end

A5 processor summary,

Better battery condition further enhanced

Talk time in 3G is 8 hours, 14 hours for 2G, 6 hours for browsing with 3G, 9 hours for browsing with wireless LAN, 10 hours for video playback, 40 hours for music playback only I will.

Second feature

Enhanced communication function

Adopted a mechanism that can make use of two antennas well

This area is an antenna

As a result, download speed doubled

For iPhone 4, the download speed was 7.2 Mbps, but on iPhone 4S it is 14.4 Mbps

Also, until now, it was divided like this for each communication standard

However, from iPhpne 4S this one compatible with all communication standards

Third feature

Strengthening the camera

When you look at popular and popular camera data on Flickr, the iPhone is No. 1

So, we enhanced the shooting function to the same level as digital cameras

Equipped with 8 million pixel sensor

3264 × 2448

The number of pixels is more than 60% more than iPhone 4's camera

In addition, the back-illuminated sensor of the next generation is designed to have high photosensitivity and short exposure time

It got 73% brighter than before

Increased shutter speed by 33%

By using an advanced hybrid infrared filter, infrared rays that cause image quality degradation are prevented from passing through the lens

As a result, more accurate and more uniform colors are reproduced

Five lens groups

Adjusting the light coming through a custom lens that combines five precision lenses, making the whole image sharp by 30% than before

It is a fairly bright lens because it is f / 2.4

Because it is equipped with A5 chip, image signal processing function which is high level which is not different from digital single lens reflex camera is realized

New face detection function adjusts the exposure of up to 10 faces

Auto White Balance is also 26% Excellent

The processing speed of the camera is also fast

The time to take the first shot is 1.1 seconds

High speed shutter is realized for 0.5 second continuous shooting

What kind of picture can actually be taken is like this (It was taken with iPhone 4S which is not processed at allClick here for image gallery)

Fourth feature

1080p full HD video

Temporal (3-D) Noise Reduction makes it possible to take pictures of beautiful places even where there is not enough brightness (An example of an actual filmed HD movie can be played from here)

Fifth feature


Simply plug the speaker into AirPort Express and stream music played on iPhone 4S with AirPlay. If AirPlay compatible speakers, you can stream directly.

Streaming over wirelessly to high definition television and speakers via Apple TV is also OK.

With AirPlay mirroring, you can display what is displayed on iPhone 4S as it is

So iPhone 4S is the most amazing iPhone ever

Even more amazing is that this voice recognition operation function

Usually we are talking a lot to the phone

Even if you hear that "What's the weather like today?", There are several ways to listen. But the answer is the same.

Here you can use this new function "Siri"

This means "If you ask what you want help, you can get answer" function

That's why I started the demonstration.

I will talk to Siri

Speaking English meaning "What is the weather today?", It interprets everything in various ways and tells us the weather

What time is it now in Paris in France? Because I answer. An answer or it will show you the clock

If you continue saying "Please wake me at 6 am at tomorrow," it means "OK, it's 6 am," which sets the alarm clock alarm, clever.

Next time I said "I want to know what the stock price of today's NASDAQ is," it displayed the graph

When asking for a good restaurant of Greek cuisine at Palo Alto, "I found a restaurant of 14 Greek cuisines ... 5 of them are in Palo Alto and I will arrange them in descending order of rating" , Arranged in descending order of evaluation. It is amazing.

How far is it from here to the Hoover Tower? As I asked, "It is about as far away", it displayed the map.

Even if a message comes from the other party, you can also operate that reply with Siri

If you say "Read the message" tell me who the message came from, will hear "Do you reply or read it again?"

When I asked, "Were there any plans for the meeting on Friday noon?" And answered, "There is nothing on the calendar at 12 o'clock on Friday."

So I understood that there was free time on Friday, so I reply to the other party on Friday

By instructing Siri with a mouth phrase, I was able to register a schedule to meet with someone on Friday afternoon in the calendar

Reminders can also be operated, it is also possible to set a reminder that "Please tell me to call my wife when I leave the workplace."

Next time we asked Wikipedia about Armstrong Captain, and instructed

It displayed properly

What is 45 euros? The answer is excellent when I heard that

In addition to converting at the current rate, we will display past history graphs

How many days after Christmas? I also answered the question in detail

You can see that there are quite a few lists of examples of what you can do with Siri

"So, who the hell are you?" The answer when I heard this, "I am a humble personal secretary"

Because you can dictate this tremendous personal secretary function "Siri", you do not have to use the keyboard when writing mails well

There are icons of the microphone in every scene using the keyboard, and if you use it you can make it characterize by dictation

At the moment, it is still in beta version, it supports English, French and German, and it seems that the corresponding languages ​​will be gradually increased.

These are the true features of the iPhone 4S

Three models of 16GB (199 dollars, about 15,300 yen), 32GB (299 dollars, about 23,000 yen), 64GB (399 dollars, about 30,600 yen) are worrisome

The iPhone 4 has an 8GB model for $ 99 (about 7600 yen), iPhone 3GS is free


The release date is October 14, the reservation is from October 7 (Japan also same as KDDI and Softbank,Click here for details)

Release on October 14th in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Japan

Other countries start from October 28

Released from more than 100 carriers in more than 70 countries at an unprecedented rate

That's why Tim Cook, the new CEO, finally appears again


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