A pencil of beautiful shapes made to store a pencil

There is no doubt that a pencil is usually a single stick, but a pen stand shaped like a combination of it "Twisted pencil"Aside from the functionality, there are things that can be seen in their beauty.


This is a pencil "Twisted pencil" for pencil storage.

It seems like a simple framework at first sight, but if you look at the section you will see that it is a pencil. However, this was made like a pencil, it seems that it can not actually be used for writing.

The design name "GIHAWOO DESIGN" and the character string "WHITE" representing the color of the pencil are engraved like a company name engraved on a real pencil.

It was designed by Korean product designer Giha Woo. He himself also said that "Twisted pencil" is not a thing to put up many pens and pencils, but admits that the functionality is not so high, but has focused on its novelty and the beauty of modeling.

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