"Going to Shinbashi Shinjuku Shinjuku" Exhibition Internal Public, fashion that appeared in life-sized shore stalls and making

It is held from 17th SeptemberA state of the exhibition "Going to Kishiwa Russo Shinjuku" of Gucci ShinjukuWe talked about the other day, but in this article I will post some of the internal patterns.

Gucci - Digital flagship

The exhibition "Go to Shinbashi Shinjuku Shinjuku" is held on the 3rd floor of Gucci Shinjuku. This is the entrance of the exhibition hall.

As you go a little from the entrance, you will find "SPUR" posted "Go to Kishiwa Excluded Gucci" that was the basis of this exhibition. Next to the booklet "Go to the shore street Gucci" is placed and you can read its contents.

And slurry and duplicate original paintings are displayed on the wall. When I see it nearly, I feel overwhelming power by exquisite lighting.

There were not only duplicate original images but also original paintings.

Goods of Gucci which became the origin of fashion which appeared in the work are also exhibited.

Sneakers worn by the exposition in the play are limited sneakers in Japan and are on sale in advance at Gucci Shinjuku.

Exhibition of sneakers that imaged the stand.

A life - long shore stone ditch was exhibited near the exit. Although the costume is the Rokkozaka version, the sneakers have become Gucci sneakers wearing in "going to the shore street gucci".

The exhibition "Go to Shinbashi Shinjuku Shinjuku" will be held until October 6. Since entry is free, why not stop by if you get the chance to go to Shinjuku?

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