A Saudi woman driving a car is sentenced to a whiplashing sentence

In Saudi Arabia, a strict Muslim state, women are not permitted to drive a car and campaigns to resist the situation where licenses can not be acquired are expanding. Meanwhile, a woman who drove a car as part of an opposition campaign was sentenced to a sentencing judgment that the court of the city in the western part of Jeddah will be sentenced to ten whispers by the crime of "unlicensed driving".

In Saudi Arabia, women are not permitted themselves to obtain a driver's license, but from around June 2011, the women's own driving to drive a car inspired by democratization movements in the surrounding Arab countries The movement to publish via the Internet is spreading.

this isAl JazeeraSummarized by Saudi Arabia women who introduced the movement to assert the right to obtain a driver's license.

Saudi woman campaigns for right to drive - YouTube

This is one of the press reports of Al Jazeera, but there is a woman who was arrested on suspicion of driving a car around the end of May, and is interviewing that person. Although there was a precedent for a woman who was arrested for driving a car, this case is the first case to have been sentenced to imprisonment.

Saudi women driving for change - YouTube

What is considered to be the reason why women's driving against women's driving more than ever was considered is that King Abdullah of the country launched a policy to approve women's suffrage for the first time on September 25. There seems to be a view that conservative religious forces who rebelled against this policy have urged the courts under the influence to strictly ruling against women.

Not only international human rights organizations but local women's groups also condemn "It is against the trend of women's rights expansion", but in Saudi Arabia religious forces have a strong influence on society's broad fields such as law and education It seems that the struggle concerning the expansion of such rights will continue in the future just as having it.

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