KDDI is developing "new auditory smartphone" even if you are wearing earphones at construction site

Even if KDDI is wearing a construction site or an earphone, you can talk, "New auditory smartphoneIt is now clear that it is developing a model called "

Prototype Smartphone with Newly Developed Audio Vibration Receiver | 2011 | KDDI CORPORATION

According to the press release of KDDI, Kyocera and Kyocera jointly developed a "sound transducer (tentative name)" that allows the sound to be directly transmitted to the inner ear by bringing it into contact with the ear, and a prototype of a smartphone equipped with this as a receiver (earpiece) I heard he did.

This is an image image of a prototype.

Although the sound outputted from a normal cellular phone is transmitted through the air, the receiver developed this time can be converted into sound inside the ear by vibrating the main body, the sound is directly transmitted to the eardrum, the display panel It is capable of giving out sound by various actions, so that it is hard to be affected by the external environment and hear clear sound.

Even with an incoming call while wearing earphones or headphones, you can talk without disconnecting earphones or headphones, or you can talk with ear plugs on construction sites where there are many noises, etc. In addition to being able to realize comfortable "hearing" with scenes, unlike conventional mobile phones with bone conduction speakers, you can not only listen to the sound with the natural operation of hitting your ear, but also the position to hit the ear Easy to maintain audibility.

In addition, since "sound vibration device (tentative name)" is as thin as 0.6 mm or less, it contributes to miniaturization of the mobile phone body and eliminates the need for "sound hole" required for transmitting sound through the air It is said that it is expected to improve the waterproof performance and dustproof performance of the receiver part of the mobile phone, reduce the cost of the panel parts, etc. It is said that it is aiming for commercialization in FY2012.

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