Manga Lloyd's full-fledged, "ICONIA TAB A 100" movie review that allows manga to read crisply

We will deliver movie reviews of Acer's new tablet "ICONIA TAB A100". The 7-inch compact display is regarded as the size best suited for reading manga, this terminal is specialized in manga so that it can be seen from "Manga Lloyd" as reading, complete collection of Osamu Tezuka with 1,000 yen per month There is unlimited "Tezuka Osamu Magazine Club"Is preinstalled.

First I selected "Dororo" from "Tezuka Osamu Magazine Club" and opened it. In addition to the smooth scroll, the liquid crystal itself is almost the same size as the comic, so I felt the visibility was quite high.

Reading manga with "ICONIA TAB A 100" - YouTube

There was also a content called "Motion Manga", a moving manga "Tezuka Osamu Magazine Club" with speech voice and BGM added, so I looked at "Black Jack" for a while. As speech is read aloud by the voice of Pinoko or the voice of Black Jack, it seems to be able to enjoy a different way from comics alone.

Pinoko's voice comes out "Tezuka Osamu Magazine Club" Motion comics - YouTube

Although it is a terminal with a dark color such as exclusive use for manga, browsing etc. are possible as well as ordinary tablet of course. I tried using Google search as a test. Flick input interface of Japanese input is very characteristic.

Google search on "ICONIA TAB A100" - YouTube

I tried shooting Ultrabook with a 5 mega pixel back camera with autofocus. Since behavior is smooth, I think whether it can be used sufficiently if it is an application such as taking a picture quickly instead of memos on this tablet.

"ICONIA TAB A100" rear camera operation - YouTube

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