Taste the "Garigari Kimi Soda Milk Premium" which is excellent except for Garigari

Because "Garigari kid soda milk premium" was released in the first cup type "Garigari kun" in history,Although it was released in 2005, the company's "failed work" that was discontinued in 2006 was the type of sucking "Shariariya"It was confirmed whether it was a revenge of some, but in a sense it was a little away from "Garigari kun", but it had become a pretty taste with quite a sense of premium.

This is "Garigari Kimi Soda Milk Premium" (158 yen including tax). Just as a premium, it is more expensive than ordinary garigari.

Cream and ice are swirling in the wide open mouth of "Garigari Kimi."

The raw material name is written separately in the milk part and the soda part.

Allergic substances are eggs and dairy products.

Contents is like this. Around the periphery is surrounded by "shiny crackers" shaved ice, and we have tried and developed over 30 kinds of milk, vanilla ice with a large central area, and premium milk ice with a milk fat content of 14% or more occupies it.

In the part of oyster ice, the proportion of ice is larger than that of ordinary garagari, it is ice 2 against honey 1, emphasizing the texture which is more gruffier than before.

Were you pulled by the name of "premium", a clerk at a convenience store you purchased attached a spoon of Haagen Dazs.

I will scoop with a premium spoon and eat it. First I was surprised by the mouth, the smoothness of the texture of the milk part. With softness as if it is fluffy and airy, the good balance of milk is a pleasant balance. Just because I put equivalent power at the development stage, it has become more complete than price.

Originally, the milk part was supposed to be a standing position to stand out the oyster ice part which is a feature of "Garigari kun", but as the proportion of ice was increased, the soda taste also diminished, the position was reversed I felt like there was. As a derivative product of "Garigari kimi", I think that it is good to have some question marks left, as reasonable and fine taste as vanilla ice cream, it is good to try both Garrigali fans and others who are not.

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