"Tianjin Rice 2.0" and Osaka king tasted "Futato rain Tianjin rice" like Omuraisu

New menu which evolved "Tianjin Rice 2.0" to "Tianjin Rice 2.0" familiarized as a popular menu by King Osaka boasting 40 years of historyFutatsuro Tianjin"I took off the veil prior to the release on 13th September, I entered the tasting party and ate ahead.

Everything seems to be able to make the best Tianjin rice with "egg only" by adding some "secret material". What kind of evolution did Tianjin rice with the impression of a menu that was completed already got together?

Delicious Chinese diner with dumplings Osaka king

Arrived at Eat & Head Office building where tasting ceremonies will be held.

The appearance of a Chinese - style ornament indeed is inside.

God of dumplings guides by the elevator.

When entering the tasting venue, the kitchen counter imitated the shape of dumplings.

That's why he came "Futomori Tianjin". It seems that huge eggs are floating in the middle of plenty of bean paste. One serving is 390 yen, and soup comes with when you actually ask at the store.

The "Osaka king general store offers"Iron ram oilIncluded.

As you see it fluffy egg fried and sweetened bean paste.

I will get it quickly. The word that I imagined immediately after eating a bite is "omelette". Egg roast is as fluffy as an omelet, and the thickness of the egg is overwhelming. It has a moderate elasticity, and it is a comfortable texture that will turn softly. Although it looks like omelette, both the egg and the bean paste taste firmly in Chinese style so it will not get tired of the ultimately simple composition called "egg, bean paste, rice", rather it is the best match.

The thickness of eggs is really amazing. Never eaten rice is not small.

The scent of sesame scattered on the rice has become an accent with a good feeling, and you can enjoy the change of taste.

Egg is really fluffy fluffy.

In the place where I ate half as much as I ate, I brought oil oil as a main product.

It reminds me of ketchup somehow, it seems that the omelet richness is increasing further.

The taste seems to be quite Chinese. Since there is little spicy oil, it is okay to put some mountains unless you are concerned about calorie.

As I say persistently, the thickness of this egg is wonderful.

Of course, it is complete. My stomach became a bang. Since it is bulging apparently, there is a volume, and it is the impression that "feeling fullness" is higher than satisfaction. Since it comes with more soup at the store, it may be hard to eat women. The price is also 390 yen and the sense of profit is strong. Let's ask for dumplings if you feel that this alone is enough.

This "fluffy Tianjin rice" is sold at 170 Osaka kings generals nationwide. The sales schedule is from September 13th to November 30th. It seems that there are many places that we do not handle in Osaka stores for some reason, so we recommend you to check in advance.

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