The possibility that the eco point revives as "energy saving point" emerged

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In July this yearGovernment is considering reviving "eco point" as a measure against electric power shortageAlthough the move was reported, Economy, Industry and Industry Minister Koshino Yoshio revealed the idea to consider introducing similar point system.

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On September 7, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yoshio Kotori revealed his intention to consider introducing an "energy saving point" system to support the spread of energy-saving products. This is expected to be a successor to the "Home Appliances Eco Point System" which ended at the end of March 2011.

Currently, consideration is being given to a mechanism to purchase exchangeable points with gift certificates etc. by purchasing energy saving related products such as LED bulbs. "Electric home appliances eco point" is to exchange points given when purchasing energy-saving home appliances with another household appliance, whereas "energy saving points" are partly different such as gift certificates are listed as exchange targets That's right, the details of the major projects are very similar. It is said that the timing of implementation and targeted items will be decided in the future.

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, after having talks with Keisuke Hasegawa, a member of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives, in Tokyo,Home electronics eco points succeeded as a country's business"He pointed out that" Energy conservation is also of great interest to the public, has a big influence on demand, and to the Hasegawa representative secretary to urgently consider things like "energy saving points" . And, "Although it was a large household appliance last time, this time it will light a citizen's energy conservation awareness," I showed motivation for introduction.

In the coverage of Kyodo newsletter and Tokyo newspaper etc., it is said that "Minister of Economy, Trade, Industry, Economy, Trade and Industry" would like to enter the third supplementary budget plan for 2011 "regarding the introduction of" energy saving points ", but Nikkei Newspaper According to the report, "The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is to move off the request in the third supplementary budget plan 2011", so it is unknown whether it will be realized in the near future, but at least it seems to intend to introduce it in the future.

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