"Yoga Dogs" in which dogs perform a difficultly yoga pose difficult

Before,Bears who practice yoga with familiar appearanceThere was an article called, but this time is the appearance of a dog that keeps on yoga. Nonetheless, in this case we are not actually doing yoga poses, but for photographersDaniel BorrisWorks by. These are a collection of photographs titled "Yoga Dogs (Yoga Dogs)".

Yoga Dogs - get in touch with your inner pup

1:Is the dog named Anika doing "eagles pose"

2:Aries is pausing his feet to nearly 180 degrees

3:In the case of Matisse, I do not feel like being a yoga pose much

Four:Bobby who performs "pose of crow" silently

Five:"Pose of agreement" is doing Ceasar

6:Contie is in the "firefly pose"

7:Curtis gets fuzzy with 'Hero's pose 1'

8:Winnie is doing "shoulder standing pose" effective for rejuvenation

9:Duke clearly shows "Hero's pose 2"

Ten:It is Granger who poses seemingly high degree of difficulty

11:Mela Twist "Torsion Pose"

12:Jake is in the "pose of the seat"

13:Lilly fits the camera's eyes while doing "ship's pose"

14:Lola to stand on one leg only

15:Lili isKaedaI am sitting like

16:Nanuk is doing "Hero's pose 3" with camera eyes, but it is a strangely comical atmosphere

17:From Paris, which is a beautiful "pose of magnificence", somewhereManga 絵 太郎I got the impression like a character of

18:A dog named Ramona is in the pose of a dog who looked up.

19:"Pose of the trees" is doing Romeo

20:Watch the camera on the handstand Sammy

twenty one:Mela putting his forefoot on the floor and headstanding

twenty two:Suki is playing a "triangle pose"

twenty three:Tazz to "pose for skis"

twenty four:Tiny's doing is "Balance Pose"

twenty five:Tyler who can afford a high difficulty "monkey's pose" with plenty of time

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