Headline news on September 6, 2011

When KDDI carries out the replacement work of the wireless device due to the switching of the frequency of the 800 MHz band,The fact that models not compatible with the new frequency can not be used in some areasI announced.

Although the model compatible with the new frequency can be used continuously, the "Shirakawa Tunnel (Hanshin Express Kobe Yamanote Line)" which is the construction target facility, the period until completion of construction (December 31 - Scheduled for February 2012), cautions are required as it is said that it will become unusable even with new frequency compatible models.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

IPod nano became a stylish clock "iWatch" - GIGAZINE

Whiskey made from urine of diabetic patients - GIGAZINE

A wonder boy deciding a stunt brilliantly with a wheelchair, achieving the world's first two-turn back somersault - GIGAZINE

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A painful news (No ∀ `): A trading company A (42)" Recent young people have no ambition or guts "Takehara" Ella do not say that "- Livedoor blog

Bamboo Noodle Honpo Pepper Han (Lashi Han): I am sorry that the item is bad!

People who uploaded on the eating log on August 5, hostility is uncovered!
Why inside is two stars! What do you usually eat? Are you such a wonderful person? What are you talking about? You went to Sichuan province properly? Among customers who come in, half of the famous noodles famous shops are eating 30 people came from some people saying the best is based on the grounds, the basis is too thin! Do this seriously, do not let the hesitation information go!
It was written that spicyness appeared on the whole side, inside is normal spicy! When I come next time I will put a cup of sugar like other shops! Well it does not have to come! By the way, to add sugar is Japanese style, remember!

A shopkeeper 's blog that runs a dresser specialty shop in Kanda Jin - cho.

There are many positive words in English society: confirm with statistics «WIRED.jp World's Strongest 'Techno' Journalism
It seems that there is a tendency to see the bright side of things in English society.

I tried eroticizing Hanbok (Chimachogoli) → "Insulting traditional costume" and condemnation Troubled: 【2ch】 Copiepe Information Office

Lifetime \ (^ o ^) / Breaking news: Surreal image of what I saved why - Livedoor blog

Togetter - "September 5, 2011 - Travel between Umeda and Nishi Umeda, 5 hours and 44 minutes"

Momoka -san arrived at Hankyu Umeda. I planned to go to Nishi-Umeda by foot on my way to a different direction. Meanwhile, Mr. Forwer will increase, but I will be cheered. What is the assistant who appeared at the end? ※ This series of tweets is real document.

Kang Chan too erotic wwwwwww: hamster breaking news

Leisure Person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: What should I do when I enter a restaurant that scolds clerks in front of customers? ('· Ω · `) - Livedoor blog

I finally made my mother ascend to the end after relentless harassment www: Nikoniko VIP 2 ch

Leisure Person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: Foreigner Terror on "Gachapin" "Is this a Tragedy of Fukushima?" "Afraid of Green, Children Sorry ..." - Livedoor Blog

Hamburger Plate of Maid Cafe 1600 yen Ridiculous Kurisuisawa Warota: 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

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Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "Islam is harmful" Lee former Prime Minister "remarks" WL released - International

Arrested "Deco electricity" designer NHK News

A designer in Kobe who created a decoration called "deco electricity" that colors mobile phones with decorative items makes it possible for the police to inform the police on suspicion of violating the trademark law, using a logo mark of overseas luxury brands as a seal to be affixed to the mobile phone I was arrested.

Decorativeist Satsuki HiraokaAlthough he was issuing books as well, he stole the Vuitton logo and was arrested.

Current affairs dot com: a tobacco box 700 yen aim aim = increase taxes every year - thick labor minister

Business Media Makoto: Convenience Store, Reason for Hit Items: Red Bull Selling Wake (1/2)
"The fact that we could not obtain approval for quasi-drugs is, on the contrary, merit" is said.

Toyota: "Camry" for the first time in 5 years and half HV only car - every day jp (Mainichi newspaper)

Toyota Motor Corp. has fully revised its medium sized sedan "Camry" for the first time in about five and a half years and released it. It abolished the conventional gasoline car, and it became dedicated to a hybrid car (HV).

Tokyo Newspaper: Domestic nuclear "To the future zero" Boston Municipal Phase Chubu Denki denied construction: Economy (TOKYO Web)

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yoshioro Kotobuki said in an interview with Mr. Yoshihiro Paper on May 5, "It is basically that" as to the possibility that domestic nuclear power plants will be zero in future due to not building a nuclear plant newly.

Governor Hashimoto, examination of address notification of pre-sexual offenders: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)
The number of cases of compulsory indecency incidents in Osaka Prefecture was the worst 1078 cases nationwide in 2010.

VIPPER me: National Pension, nearly half of whom have not paid, of course you guys pay?

Leisure person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News: Board of Education "We can not eat lunch meat satisfactorily in the affected area!" Reduce children's lunch and reduce donation money to donation money - Livedoor blog

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs "Shocking Human Resources" and Movement ... Makiko Tanaka Chairperson: Politics: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

No. 1 Summary of the main point of easy-to-understand interest rate books (economical publications) written by Economist Summary - Bukepe -

【Movie】 Mr. Ryuichi Sakamoto "Even if you eat plutonium you are OK or you are like salt, but eat it yourself first! Let your children eat it!" SAVE CHILD

Reason why a hospital with a matrix can hold huge cumulative deficit

"A car is stolen!" Shinjuu daughter 's death angle of the evacuation regime that the beloved daughter' s "Last E - mail" said - A father 's case that kept searching for her daughter' s place in "Nuclear town" "The truth record and the lesson learned in the great earthquake
Staring at 'life and death' Norihisa Yoshida | Diamond Online

Do not let the training of the SDF break off! Ammunition maker of disaster area that supported "total performance" behind the scenes

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Entry into storage batteries and households Continued miniaturization and price reductions - Business and economy

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "Fukushima nuclear fuel, Buddha taking over consultation" Listen to Prime Minister Kan - Politics

When Mr. Kan participated in the Summit in Deuteronomy in May, he received a proposal from Prime Minister of the French Government French. Mr. Kan said, "France said it would be OK to return with spent nuclear fuel, it may be a kind of business, but naturally, I told the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry."

Finally came. Men's high school student in Fukushima suddenly died during the physical education lesson ... Breaking News Breaking News 【2 ch]

About the lifetime of the rule - the main building of medtoolz

Simple and obscure rules are easily captured and if the answer to the rule is fixed as "this", the competition from there will be suddenly severe.

Rules that are too complex will reduce competitors. Although it is simple at first glance but the strategy is not fixed as "this", simple and long lasting rules have "a fair distribution of unreasonableness" mechanism. While contestants contend for simple rules with good outlook, they are forced to cope with unexpected unjustifiable fairness. I think that it would be better to think about such a mechanism when trying to make a place excitement.

In a moment, a technique skill transformation that sews a walking girl high school skirt and socks with his own needle

"Grilled beef bowl" threatens a major chain! "Tokyo Tokyo mesh" is rapidly expanding - Trend - Nikkei Trendy Net

The shop is talking about being cheap at 320 yen (280 yen at the price as of the end of August 2011) in addition to the originality of "baked beef bowl" as well as the major beef bowl chain. In addition, it is said that Sanko Marketing Foods, which operates 270 yen pubs "Kurura Kurura Jr." and so on, is drawing attention in terms of "entry from the tavern industry in low price beef bowl war".

Special Interview Kevin Mare, Deputy Director of Japan, Deputy Director of Japan "I saw! Japan's center that can not decide anything" America knows everything | Blind spot of economy | Contemporary business [Kodansha]

First of all, let 's reveal one shocking fact to everyone. Remember that the US government issued a recommendation to evacuate to Japanese Americans who are within the radius of 50 miles (80 km) from the nuclear plant on March 17? At that time "The fact that the US issued a retreat recommendation Although the situation is worse, I heard that the story spread among Japanese people, but in reality we were considering a higher level response than that.

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31 years old. I've come to see a lifetime unmarried.

Clever man's news reading method / What can not be done for a person who is not good at argument - Do not be afraid of hoax!

How to find out if she likes a person: It was a shame

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How to shuffle a person who ends in a 3 day buddy * How to make a homepage of a person making a homepage

Although the cause of the 3rd day buddy eventually can not be taken time, it is troublesome because it is troublesome, but by losing an excuse for myself that time can not be taken, it becomes possible to teach the habit to the body .

Why do not you try to make the profile picture the original dot picture? - Nico Nico Info

«WIRED.jp The world's strongest 'techno' journalism sharing" secret postcard "with the world

The site called "PostSecret" posts postcards that various people can reveal their deepest, dark, and private thoughts to founder Frank Warren, the most intriguing of which on his blog It started in a form to announce. [To date more than 500,000 picture postcards gather] It is becoming a popular site, but now this intimate anonymous exchange can be done with mobile devices using the application, and this participatory art project The possibility of changing from the root came out.

Chrome keeps Firefox and ranks second in the browser world! Chrome useful add-on summary: Net story blog (^ ー ^)

ASCII.jp: How to Collect and Use Information at Tumblr | Tomoyuki Yanagiya's "PC Improvement to Try to Imitate"

Blogging and social media collaboration, and 'Social media flame incident case': Public information blog - Six Apart

The first thing I will never forget is when I announced Movable Type's latest version 3.0, in May 2004. Even though commercial use was stated beforehand as payment, many Movable Type users believed "Movable Type = free". Since it announced "license price of Movable Type 3.0" there, a blame and a boosting storm. At that time, shy Mena Trott, 26-year-old shy Mena Trott at that time, was reading a comment and a trackback one night, crying, although at the time it was founder, to a tremendous number of feedback such as 500 trackbacks arrive overnight I remembered that (because the announcement was carried out under the name of Mena Trott who was then the CEO).

The age of social advertising came! (With proof mass data) »SEO Japan

Slashdot · Japan IT | High tech classroom, zero learning effect?

Mobile settlement, Bitomi DoCoMo and other companies compatible with internal and external standards (1/3 page) - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)

"Osaifu-Keitai" which is popular in Japan as an optional function of mobile phones starts to move towards world standards correspondence. Three major companies of NTT DoCoMo, KDDI and Softbank Mobile will be able to keep pace with next year by launching a mobile phone equipped with Japan's unique standard "Felica" and international standards, I understood.

Yebo blog: Don Norman criticizes Google

If asked what Google sells, a lot of people will say "advertisements", but "the fact is that the user is an advertiser, you are a product", "they are all in the world The goal is to collect knowledge in one place, but their real goal is to collect people (information of the world) and sell them. "

Even support mail got decent MobileMe did not arrive? - The crayfish were watching ....

Specifications of the Radeon HD 7000 series are leak !!: and supere!

Balinese - org - I have not written for just one reason ... ... etc that I bought a Windows Phone until I abandoned my iPhone life for 2.5 years.

Five big merits obtained by starting and continuing a blog | Do you remember the number of books you have scanned so far?

The 3 rd shopping begins from FeliCa to NFC - The appearance of mobile payment that NFC changes: ITpro

"I want to install Ruby on everything such as information appliances, robots, game machines, etc." - Matsumoto Yukihiro - Cloud Watch

The mixi page may be useless as it is - night and sundial

"Sakura's Cloud" beta service started. To official service in November - Publickey

Accounting type accounting is also realized. Because, for example, now the cloud is going to stay at the hotel, the rate is how much time you spend watching television and how much electricity you spend, how much you spend electricity and how much it is charged how many yen you have to check out I do not know the room charge. More simple, first we set up an easy-to-understand pricing that if the network bandwidth is 100 M and 50 GB hard disks and processors designate, then the fee is known. It is a model that you pay not as much as you use, but only for the amount you want to use.

Translation "About the use of handle names, privacy and obligation in Google +" - something empire.

I went to the 5th "typewriter behind the font" in typography world - previous part - shiro momo memo random

I tried interviewing people in the interview with about 2 million PV / day monster service! »SHINGOLOG

Shannon Technology Inc. Blog: How does browser work? (Behind the modern WEB browser scene)

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The official site waiting in that summer
In the original animation project, the script is Yosuke Kuroda, the original draft is a fluttering, and the abbreviation is written as "Natsumachi" at the source of the page.

SUKEBENINGENSUKEBENINGEN Animation is enough if you see 1000. Rather, do not look any further.

As the topic on 2 Channel: "2 ch] New speed VIP blog (` · ω · ') is "2 nchannel white asians of queen" is true dragon Quest 10

Togetter - "Why is the school uniform of" Kamen Rider Fourze "so blue?"

Dawn age of light spot projected by animation "Noir" - Wanwarakku

GAE price revision (planned) I bomb death (planned), are you going to go? | Cherry Blossoms

Today, a street interview five years ago | Masato Takahashi Official blog "16 Tsubuyaki no Tsubuyaki" Powered by Ameba

Now is a cute era of "voice actor" than "idol": 【2 ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')

"TIGER & BUNNY" Bunny's Butt Mouse Pad www: Moe Ota news bulletin

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Johnny's Next Up to 7 "ABC-xyZ" - Music News: nikkansports.com

Togetter - "Bad Head Music Summary"

Notice of december release date - SQUARE ENIX EXTREME EDGES
From September 8 (Thur) to October.

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