Fantastic photos of amateur photographers projecting subjects into water drops

You may see photographs imprinted with various things in water droplets that drip from advertisements. Although it may be thought that these special pictures can not be photographed unless it is a professional photographer, Mr. Brian Valentine started photographing after early retirement and photographed a superb macro photograph using waterdrop of the home garden It seems that he succeeded in doing it.

Incredible images of fish, cats and eyes captured through a single droplet of water | Mail Online

These photographs were taken after placing a magazine behind a water droplet made in the backyard of Brian's house.

I can see the face of a cat, but it seems that it is actually a canned package for cats.

Although Brian was originally a microbiologist, he said, "I have always been interested in macro photography and have always thought that I would like to take a picture using waterdrops."

Brian's siteThen you can see more familiar macro photographs.

Brian is also fascinated with gardening, and these flowers are also planted in the garden at home.

Incidentally, Brian first bought a digital single lens reflex in 2004, when I bought Canon's 300 D and Sigma's 105 mm EX macro lens. I heard that he acquired the macro photography technology in two years. Brian says, "Although it takes time to study such photographs, I have enough time to retire."

Brian Valentine - SmugMug Artist-in-Residence


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