Tasting "milk mint" full of challenging spirit combining milk and mint

A new product that murmurs "Combine milk and mint" in spite of being "indeed fit"?Milk mintSince it was released from Nissin York, I bought it and tried drinking it. If it is a throat candy "Candy of milk mintAlthough there is a product called "soft drink," it is quite unusual.

Nissin Yoke Co., Ltd. | Product Lineup ~ Soft drinks ~

This is "milk mint". The price is 105 yen by tax.

BeautifulMilk CrownImpression that the design where mint is arranged around refreshing impression.

"It's a refreshing drink with reasonable sweetness and a sense of refreshingness."

As the calorie is 40 kcal per 100 ml, it is 200 kcal if you drink one bottle.

Raw material name. Sweetened condensed milk and peppermint extract are used.

"Shake well before opening and drink it."

I immediately poured it into the cup. The scent mixed with milk drink and mint tickle your nose.

It is quite whiteness.

I tried drinking it. In the texture of a slightly toro, "Mori Morinaga"Mint freshness is on top of the taste like thinning. Mint has reduced the richness of milk, but the sweetness is not weak, so some taste remains in the mouth. However, the compatibility of "milk and mint" combination seems not to be bad. People who are accustomed to drinking lactobacillus beverages from the usual way also made me feel unlikely to receive it.

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