A movie that I tried leaving the rainbow-colored waterfall, crayon in midsummer car for 1 hour

It is a movie that you can see the melting of crayons using violent heat that is in the car in the summer.

Actually it has been left for about an hour, but you can see changes over a long time of a fixed scene in a short timeTime lapse imageSo the length of the movie is very short, 20 seconds.

Crayon Melting Time Lapse - YouTube

Set crayons in the photographer's car. Bonding crayons side by side at the top of the sketchbook.

Solar light that burns and burns reliably melts crayons.

The crayon's butt had begun to melt, but a colorful colored water flowed out of the dark blue crayon which was finally set on the right. It is slightly surprising that it is a light color like a watercolor paint.

Subsequently, the crayons of the rightmost pink lineage begin to melt.

Then the other crayons melted out all at once.

At first it is a light color water gradually changes to a darker color, from the watery feeling it gradually increases the concentration will be seen by eye.

Whether the melting point differs depending on the color, there seems to be a color that is easy to dissolve and a color that is difficult to melt, there are variations in the way the colors appear.

The movie ends at the place where I draw a clear rainbow colored waterfall on the sketchbook. It is very interesting that it will naturally become such a state even if it does not operate especially after the setting.

A lot of movies have been upgraded by people inspired by this movie, but this movie controls well the trajectory of crayons that tend to spread laterally, and many colorful lines are produced by themselves I am showing it to be drawn.

Crayon Melting - YouTube

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