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Nintendo purchased Nintendo 3DS by August 10, as Nintendo started selling its company's latest game machine "Nintendo 3DS" at 15,000 yen, which was traditionally reduced by 10,000 yen For usersA total of 20 titles of NES and Game Boy Advance will be delivered as "Ambassador Program"Although it was, the NES game title to be distributed became clear.

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According to Nintendo's official page updated on this date, 10 NES game titles scheduled to be delivered as an ambassador program from September 1 are published.

This is the title list. Five of the titles of "Super Mario Bros." "Donkey Kong JR." "Balloon Fight" "Irisclimer" "Legend of Zelda" were announced in advance, but "Wrecking Crew" "Mario Open Golf" "Yoshi's Egg" "Metroid" "Adventure of Link" has been newly added.

These are "preliminary distribution versions" for product versions to be delivered in the future, and free updating is also possible at the time of product release. Also, even if there is something like replacing the Nintendo 3DS, you can also move to another Nintendo 3DS by using the "move software and data" function provided by future update of the main body It has been with.

By the way, although titles of Game Boy Advance are limited only by Ambassador program, 10 titles are scheduled to be distributed within the year, but 5 titles other than "Super Mario Advance 3", "Mario Kart Advance", "Metroid Fusion", "Maid In Warrior Mario vs. Donkey Kong" As for which title the work will become, it remains unpublished at the present moment.

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