New technology to raise HDD recording capacity more than twice, finally to practical use

In the year 2005, Toshiba commercialized it, and manufacturers are searching for a recording method that realizes a large capacity exceeding the "perpendicular magnetic recording method" which raised the capacity of the HDD at a stretch, finally raising HDD recording capacity more than twice It was reported that a medley for practical application was set up in the new technology. (Asahi Shimbun): Double the recording capacity of personal computers, etc. TDK is a HDD with new technology - Business · Economics

According to the Asahi Shimbun news report, TDK, a major electronic component manufacturer handling HDD heads, has developed a new technology to raise the storage capacity of HDD used for data storage by more than twice, mass production at the end of 2012 It seems to aim for.

In the news report, it is explained that "Information is easy to write, by attaching a laser light source to the magnetic head and applying heat to the disk with a laser just before writing information", but this is"Thermally assisted method" that Hitachi and others have developed as the next generation recording technology for some timeRecording method called.

Since the thermal assist type magnetic head basic technology has already been developed in February 2010, it will be finally put to practical use in 2012, but if it is 500 GB which adopted the current perpendicular magnetic recording system When introducing new technology into the 2.5 inch HDD of the model, it is said that the recording capacity will be 1 TB or more, so it seems quite possible to have expectations.

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