F1's summer vacation first round, F1 World Championship Belgium GP


A summer vacation for one month has passed and the F1 World Championship in 2011 entered the second half of the war. As the first match, the Belgian Grand Prix was held on the 28th of August at Spa · Francorchamps · circuit.

As a result of the qualifying, Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) who has won the pole position now stands at the top of the drivers' ranking. Looking for the lead with Luis Hamilton (McLaren), Mark Webber (Red Bull), Felipe Massa (Ferrari) after the second place. However, in that situation Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) started 8th, Jenson Button started 13th and started a bit behind.

Weber declined the ranking immediately after the start whether there was also the influence of the blister (blister) which was made in the tire by qualifying. In addition, because it became a messy start, in the first corner Kabayashi Kamui (Sauber), Timo Glock (Virgin), Jaime Arguelles Ali (Toro Rosso), Bruno Senna (Renault) damage. Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso and Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) will push up the rankings. Especially Rosberg showed outstanding achievement by overtaking Vettel on lap lap.

The damage on the first lap was great, Glock and Senna stopped pitting as early as the second lap. Argue Els Ali will retire to a great extent at the front desk. In front, Alonso rushed to fourth place by hampering Hamilton. Michael Schumacher (Mercedes) started the 24th fastest lap but finished 11th and jumped up to 13th. In addition, Sena was discussed later on the contact of the first lap and a drive-through penalty was imposed.

From the third lapDRSThe use of the ban is lifted, Vettel passed the Rosberg again and returned to the top again. Massa, who was running in third place, aims at Rosberg, but after being pursued by Alonso and Hamilton from behind, it is a three-pronged battle and it is pulled out.

Here the ranking will be Vettel, Rosberg, Alonso, Hamilton, Massa, Kobayashi but Vettel is the first pit stop on lap six.

Alonso surfaced Rosberg on the seventh lap and came to the top. Hamilton will pass Rosberg next time on lap eight. Vettel who dropped backward catches up with a fast pace that will give out the whole fastest strap, pulls out Kobayashi and returns to fifth place.

Alonso who was running on the top stopped the pit on lap eight. I will return in front of 8th webber, but since the tire is not warmed up, it will be pulled by Weber in aurouge. However, after this, Webber caught up with Adrian Sutil (Force India), Alonso came all at once and overtake Sutil and Webber continuously. Raise the ranking to 4th place.

Hamilton who switched to the top also stopped pitting on lap 11. Vettel has finished second behind Rosberg just before this and is the top leader as Hamilton passes to the pit.

The retirement so far is Argurgas Ali and Sebastian Buemi (Toro Rosso). The rankings from the top are Vettel, Rosberg, Alonso, Kobayashi, Vitaly Petrov, Webber, Sutil, Hamilton.

Rosberg, who was sticking to the top, stopped pitting on lap 12. But this stop will take some time to lose time, return to 14th place. Kobayashi continues to hold down Petrov, but we are pulled out of Webber who came from the back.

On lap 13 Hamilton took over Petrov and put it behind Kobayashi and even overtook Kobayashi. But here Kobayashi lined up side by sideSide-by-sideWill not you think that Kobayashi was again beside? Hamilton 's path crossed Kobayashi and contacted. Kobayashi did not hurt the machine greatly, but Hamilton will finish the race. Also, the safety car will enter and lead the way. Vettel changed the tire during this time. We will take three consecutive strategies to wear soft tires.

The rankings are Alonso, Weber, Vettel, Massa, Rosberg, Sutil, Sergio Perez (Sauber), Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello (Williams), Baton, Pastor Maldonado (Williams), Paul Di Lesta (Force India) Kobayashi, Senna, Jarno Trulli (Lotus), Jerome Dumbrogio (Virgin), Vintantonio Liuzzi (Hispania), Heiki Kovalainen (Lotus), Glock. Daniel Richardo (Hispania) stopped the car and retired while introducing this safety car. Kobayashi also exchanged the front wing and tires at this timing, but it was not a timing at which the safety car entered, but after a while it was a little lap and it dropped a large ranking.

Safety cars dropped on lap 17 and the race resumed. Rosberg pulled out Massa, Vettel pulled Webber and the top in the order of Alonso, Vettel, Webber. On lap 18 Vettel will beat Alonso and will return to the top again.

Baton, who was the start from the 13th position and the start from the middle, steadily increased the pace in this area and surpassed Rosberg on the 26th lap and rose to 4th place.

On lap 29 Kobayashi's teammate, Perez retired the car to the garage and retired.

Alonso pit stop on lap 30. After that Massa will enter the pit afterwards, but it got in touch with Schumacher on the course and was damaged, and it got to pit again after 3 laps from this pit stop.

At the beginning Vettel continued to run away, followed by Alonso, Webber, Baton, Rosberg, Sutil and Schumacher. Weber changed from soft to medium with tire change, but thanks to this, pace has risen considerably. Fighting over Alonso, he surpassed the 37th lap and rose to second place. Baton, who also had a furious pace, caught Alonso on the 42nd lap and took third place.

Vettel wins victory as the ranking does not fluctuate in this way as it is. Webber in second place, baton in third place, Alonso missed the podium in 4th place. In addition to Schumacher who started the last in the 5th place, Rosberg in 6th place and Massa in 7th place. The final race was 19 cars.

As a result of this race, Vettel scored 25 points and accumulated 259 points, making the way to the champion secure. Webber rose to 2nd place with 167 points and Red Bull 's 1-2 position. Alonso is sticking to 3rd with 157 points. Also, in this race Maldonado entered tenth and achieved F1 first point acquisition.

The next race is the Italian Grand Prix at Italy's Monza circuit. It is a race at Ferrari's knees and a good fight between Alonso and Massa is expected.

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