A chart showing at a glance the top 20 of "countries highly dependent on nuclear power generation"

ByAndrea Kirkby

Concerns about the safety of nuclear power generation, such as the accident at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, are rising recently, but a diagram showing at a glance the top 20 countries with high dependence on nuclear power generation has been released .

"Top 20 with high dependence on nuclear power generation". In the tripgraphics (weekly update) of the trip, you can see the journey of the world!

This is the top 20 countries that are highly dependent on nuclear power, which was released by the "travel agency" site that deals with travel and ranking. Among European countries with high dependence, France and Lithuania have a particularly high dependence rate, exceeding 70%.

Detailed breakdown of 20 countries. This data was released by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in 2008 and calculates the dependency on nuclear power generation from the power consumption of each country, the total power generation amount, and the power generation amount by nuclear power.

Incidentally, picking up the nuclear dependence rate with the top 20 countries is like this.

First place France (76.4%)
Second place Lithuania (71.1%)
3rd place. Slovakia (57.6%)
4th place Belgium (53.6%)
5th place Ukraine (46.6%)
6th place Armenia (42.6%)
7th place Sweden (42.5%)
8th place Switzerland (40.1%)
9th place Slovenia (38.2%)
10th place Hungary (37.0%)
11th place Bulgaria (35.0%)
12th. Korea (33.8%)
13th place Czech Republic (32.1%)
14th. Finland (29.6%)
15th place Japan (23.8%)
16th place Germany (23.3%)
17th place. USA (19.1%)
18th place Spain (18.7%)
19th place Romania (17.2%)
20th place Taiwan (17.1%)

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