Sony announces a very inexpensive new PSP "E1000" PSP

At the end of the year, Sony ahead of the launch of the next generation portable game machine "PS Vita" is a low-priced model new PSP "PSP-E1000We announced.

New PSP Announced At Gamescom 2011 - PlayStation.Blog.Europe

This is the new PSP-E1000 which was announced at "Gamescom 2011" currently being held in Europe. The selling price is 99 euros (about 11,000 yen) and it is very inexpensive.

I adopt a mat color.

Of course it also has UMD

As a big difference, wireless LAN is not installed. However, you can purchase software on the PlayStation Store using "Media Go" by playing game play using UMD or connecting with a PC.

Unfortunately, there is no domestic sales schedule of "PSP-E1000", but in Japan where ad hoc communication software is prevalent, including the "Monster Hunter" series which recorded a huge hit, demand will definitely be limited It is considered to be the reason.

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