Apple's trademark discontinuation order comes down to Chinese fake Apple Store 22 stores

Bloggers living in Kunming in JulyDiscover Apple Store that should not be in KunmingIt became a hot topic. It seems that the two stores found at this time got instantly guided and closed down,Fake Apple Store grows to 22 stores. Finally Apple filed an appeal with the authorities and prohibited the use of Apple's trademark at all stores.

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Originally, since there are only four outlets in the Apple Store directly in China, the blogger who found the fake Apple Store for the first time launched the photo to the blog as "What is this all about?"

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The two fake Apple stores found at the beginning seemed to be closed immediately, but the fake Apple Store appeared like a bamboo shoot after rain, and it has increased to 22 stores in August.

In response, Apple's Shanghai office complained on August 2, Kunming city authorities entered the investigation. As a result, 20 unauthorized stores (resellers of Apple products) were confirmed, and 11 companies were interrogated. Illegal acts have been found at two other stores.

And on August 10, Kunming City ordered Apple 's trademark usage to quit the false Apple Store which had been open to these Apple without permission. Everything was covered, from shop exterior, interior decoration, entrance decoration and store clerk uniforms, and all 22 fake Apple Store orders that received orders complied that.

Currently, stores that were these fake Apple stores are named "Smart StoreIt is said that it has been revised as.M.I.C.gadgetThe photo of the store after the renaming has been uploaded to.

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Although the exterior has certainly been modified slightly, inside the store as usual we deal with Apple products, and some shops are still appearing to have Apple logo outside the store.

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