A boy who decides to carry a sponsored logo to obtain a high-tech prosthesis

A boy naturally left with no left hand proved the condition to carry a sponsored logo and succeeded in getting an expensive prosthetic hand using the most advanced technology.

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Matthew James (14) had a left arm only to his wrist, born with a prosthetic hand for a long time, but he took a certain action to obtain even more sophisticated prosthetic hands. I am supporting the F1 teamMercedes GP PETRONASI sent a letter to Mr. Ross Brown, the leader of "I would like you to aid 35,000 pounds to get a high-quality prosthetic hand."

Even though it is a fan, James' ssuding suddenly seeking aid for assistance saw seemingly recklessly, but he had a proper idea. "If you can help, I will post Mercedes' logo on my prosthetic hand so that many ads are posted on racing cars," Mercedes has proposed a condition that would benefit Mercedes It is.

The members of Mercedes GP PETRONAS who read the letter sent by James were impressed with his wisdom and at the same time were moved by that content and decided to give him the utmost support so that he could obtain a prosthetic hand . James is invited to the Mercedes headquarters to visit the factory, andMichael SchumacherI also experienced the meeting with.

Following the reluctant service, Mercedes has told him that he can not pay the price of James's prosthetic hand. However, James himself recruited donations from fans and sponsors of Mercedes GP PETRONAS and showed a stance that cooperation will not be spared to raise funds, and has a reputation for art of artificial handsTouch BionicsWe decided to cooperate with the company.

Touch Bionics, who knew the circumstances, also adjusted the artificial limbs of his artificial total cost of 35,000 pounds for him and added 25,000 pounds (about 3.13 million pounds) Yen) to be exempted in full. As a result, James seems to be receiving donation of Mercedes' company, with 10,000 pounds (about 125,000 yen) donated by the donation.

He is wearing a prosthesis developed by Touch Bionics, which is said to be the most technologically advanced in the worldI-LIMB Pulse". As well as grabbing things, fine movement such as drawing a picture and tying a shoelace is possible, and furthermore it seems to be able to catch a thrown ball.

"I-LIMB Pulse" has a black silicone rubber socket that secures the prosthesis on James's arm. Two electrodes in the socket catch the electrical signal sent from the muscles of the arm and transmitted to the mini computer incorporated in the palm of the prosthesis into the palm of the hand, as if the artificial hands reproduce real movement like a hand It is structured. Although it is not possible to reproduce until tactile sense, there are also people who can feel the stimulation received by the prosthesis as a result of vibration transmitted to the arm.

James said, "The old prostheses we used to date were of simple mechanisms that can only be opened and closed, but the new prosthetic hands are really amazing and you can do anything, and also the appearance I am planning to install Mercedes' logo on the part of the wrist from now on. I really appreciate Mercedes and Touch Bionics Inc. "I am told of the pleasure of acquiring a new prosthetic hand.

He was good at sports, such as getting a tea belt with karate when he was using an old prosthetic hand, he is delighted that he will be able to play cricket which both hands must use now. In the future I have a dream that I want to work as a mechanic of F1. Ruth Burns, a spokesman for Touch Bionics said, "Most people with prosthetic hands struggle to move their hands first, but James has already been able to do a few actions It is really excellent, is not it? "

Also, Rob, father, said, "That child said that he wanted Touch Bionics' high-function artificial legs since he was a little, but he was unable to purchase funds for purchasing funds I did not advise that we sent a letter to Mercedes, but it was due to James's will, and that intelligence moved my mind. "The son took a new hand I am delighted to have put it in.

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