"Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX" Play the remaining machine infinite entry with four people

Ever since quarter of a century since 1986 Evolution continues"Darius"The latest work of the series,"Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX"Started operation. Four people can play simultaneously, after the other chronicle how awesome"Infinite remaining machine infinite entry (Infinite Continue)"Since it is said that the mode is installed, I tried to fully appreciate the strength of the unique bosses of the famous Darius.

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This time we visited to play "Darius Burst ACEX", Taito Station Namba shop.

The remaining machine infinite entry (Infinite Continue) which the stock of the aircraft will not decrease until clearing the game is 400 yen (400 yen even for one person) with four people. ※ The remaining machine infinity entry fee varies depending on the store.

The biggest feature of the "Darius Burst" series is the existence of a powerful attack "burst" that saves energy and releases it. By continuing to hold down the Burst button you can fire a burst beam that will erase enemy bullets.

By pressing the Burst button in 2 consecutive it is possible to set up the burst parts and set up the "burst burst" to release the burst from the place different from yourself. The installation burst can also change the direction of burst radiation after installation so that various strategies can be created.

Furthermore, if the burst is decided at the counter at the enemy's burst, it becomes a more powerful burst as a "burst counter".

Also, at Darius Burst ACEX, you can choose yourself from seven different aircraft of different performance.

It is the most orthodox airframe"legend". When installing the parts and releasing the burst, the burst is radiated in the direction opposite to yourself as seen from the part you installed.

"next"Although it has almost the same performance as the legend, the bom is automatic tracking type, and the installation type burst is radiated from the parts towards yourself.

"Formula"Is an aircraft specialized in approaching battle, shot fire power is high, but the shot's range range becomes shorter with every power up. As with the legend, the installation burst is radiated in the direction opposite to yourself.

"origin"Although the wave shot penetrates the enemy, the power of the shot is considerably high, but it does not carry the burst.

"second"It has no burst as well as origin, but the power of the shot is high and you can release a laser that shields the enemy's burst.

"Side Story"You can shoot a black hole boner instead of a burst and you can inhale enemy attacks.

"Assault"Is a new aircraft added in "Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX" Phase 1. It is equipped with a new spark burst and it has become a fuselage that can acquire ultra-high scores when used well.

In addition, although the schedule is undecided yet, in Phase 2 of the upcoming update"G Darius"The aircraft "Genesis" that appeared in the plan will appear. Detailed performance has not been announced, but it was also a feature of G Darius,"Α beam system"It may be equipped.

First we start from zone A which is said to be "EASY" difficulty level. Two people, 3P (green) and 4P (yellow)"Darius Twin"Although I am an experienced person, I have been away from the series for the next 20 years, 1P (red) and 2P (blue) are novice shooters themselves.

Zone A bosscoelacanthAs a motif"IRON FOSSIL (Iron Fossil)". There was only the boss of the easiest zone, the behavior was easy to understand, and lastly I was able to decide the counter burst.

"Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX" ZONE A - YouTube

After passing through the top route, the next will be zone D. Zone D bossSawtoothIs a motif"LIGHTNING CLAW (Lightning Crow)". We will release strong attacks one after another.

"Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX" ZONE D - YouTube

At the end of the top route, Zone H's boss isWormwood beetleIs a motif"VIOLENT RULER (Bio Rent Ruler)". It is highly durable and attacks exquisite positions, so it has been annihilated with several blows several times.

"Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX" ZONE H - YouTube

When you defeat the wormwood beetle, the lap is over. Add another 400 yen and proceed to the next route. Zone B's bossParrotsAs a motif"HARD WHEEL (Hard Wheel)". I suddenly spit out a strange amount of bullets, so it has been annihilated once.

"Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX" ZONE B - YouTube

In the next zone E, the turtle who is said to be an intermediate killer"ANCIENT BARRAGE (Ancient Barrage)"I will fight. It is quite a difficult enemy to play normally.

"Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX" ZONE E - YouTube

Zone I bossMinokashigoAs a motif"THOUSAND KNIVES (Thousand Knives)". I stood in front and wiped out.

"Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX" ZONE I - YouTube

At the end, they capture the bottom route. Zone C bossMizukuri sharkAs a motif"HYPER JAW (Hyper Joe)". Feeling that I finally got used to the operation as soon as I come.

"Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX" Zone C - YouTube

The zone G bossDemenigisAs a motif"BRIGHTLY STARE (Brightly Steer)". It is at the mercy of a relaxed anomalous movement.

"Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX" ZONE G - YouTube

And the boss of the final stage zone L can be said to be synonymous with the Darius series"GREAT THING (Great Thing)". The motif is a whale. With overwhelming durability, the laser bent towards your machine is evil. Even such a horrible boss, you can enjoy the attack pattern carefully if the remaining machine infinite entry.

"Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX" ZONE L - YouTube

Because almost just a beginner plays, it is not able to avoid enemy attack at all, but the feeling of shooting the burst is extremely refreshing, the operation is easy to understand, even those who have never played shooting still have infinite remaining machine It was contents that could be enjoyed enough if it was an entry.

But the most fascinating thing this time is that "Darius Burst ACEX" is about to get in as much as you wish to get deeply involved. The pleasant feeling at the moment when I decided "burst counter" is exceptional, there is addiction that I want to play with the boss all the time to decide this. If time permits, you can appreciate that the quarter century continues to be popular as you want the boss to want to get involved until you can beat it with a burst counter.

Another thing I want to pay attention to is the beauty of music. A headphone jack is also attached to the game chassis, and if you bring in earphones and headphones, you can shut out the surrounding sounds and enjoy the music as well. Regarding the music of Darius,"10 people name composer in game music you want to know if you are a gamer"Although it covered also in the article of the article, it seems that it has received high evaluation also overseas.

In addition, in the upcoming phase 2 update, you will be able to choose "Genesis" for yourself, as well as a new boss and a new BGM will be added. Furthermore, "Original EX mode" will be added as a back stage where the composition of the boss and middle boss of the stage of the original mode has changed.

Darius Burst Another Chronicle Official Site

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