Sony announced its intention not to lower "PS Vita", did not follow Nintendo

In 5 months since it was released as a reason for environmental change before and after releaseNintendo 3DS was reduced by 10,000 yen, It was revealed that Sony is an idea not to lower price cuts.

Sony Hirai Vice President: "Vita" will be released in the US and Europe early next year -

According to Bloomberg's news report, Sony's Kazuo Hirai vice president has not touched on the regional release date until now, "a new portable game machine" PlayStation Vita (PS Vita (PS Vita ) "In Japan for the year, and it is said that it is expected to be released to Europe and North America after the beginning of the year.

Hirai said, "In our current plan, we will launch early next year in the European and North American markets," "PlayStation Business is the key pillar," "The game industry is constantly evolving. I expect that PS business will remain in the forefront in this dynamic industry. "

For details of compatible software and applications, I will announce it at a game event to be held in Cologne this month and at the Tokyo Game Show 2011 next month.

The sales price of PS Vita is announced in June this year with Wi-Fi model of 24,980 yen, 3G compatible model of 199980 yen, but Nintendo is the new type handheld game machine "Nintendo 3DS "It is not necessary to lower the price of Vita" in response to the price cut of 10,000 yen in just under half a year from the sale of the domestic desired price of "Vita."

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