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As for the collaboration campaign between convenience stores and animation, recentlyLAWSON's "K-on !! Fair"Has attracted the most attention, but since August 12Ministop conducted a collaboration campaign with "Baka to Test to Shokanju!"It is said to be.

As the original collaboration product, there are two pieces "Yoshii Akihisa's luxury seafood taste noodles" and "Yakii Aki no fool! Corn chips paella taste", and ramen has 100 copies of the voice actor's copy signature appeared in the work only Incoming sticker is enclosed. In addition, you can obtain original clear file by purchasing two target items. The picture will be released in early August.

By the way, GIGAZINE of one year ago wrote such an article.

IKEA recommend this summer Swedish traditional food · crayfish tasting review - GIGAZINE

A witch who dragged a policeman by car, "The law does not apply because it came from a different world" - GIGAZINE

Self-known Superman's brother "Ray" who appeared to save the earth - GIGAZINE

I tried actually to carry or cool the watermelon in a portable warm cold cabinet "whole sweet Tama chan" where the watermelon entered - GIGAZINE

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Mr. N. one day

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3DS bought father arrested son to beat

Professor Yoshio Sakamoto (Game Theory) of the Kyoto University School of Industry, which is familiar with the game industry in this case, said, "I purchased PSPgo on 26.800 yen on the release date and it reached the point of enlightenment, so I do not think anything, I told you in the gaze.

Character that you guys will win by quarreling with the hero of the successive Gundam - Gundam bulletin
Anyway, the main character of the Gundam series has no enemy image

Fuji TV "Toku Dane! "Staff Eat dogs invited by Korean residents: hamster bulletin
Although it is slightly resistant for a dog to eat strongly the image of a pet, is this dog house staff resistant?

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News - Science & Space - Earth Trojans Asteroids, First Time Found (Full Article) - National Geographic Official Japanese Site

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NHT News to thyroid exposure test result notification

Current affairs dot com: Nagasaki "Question Question" Handicraft = at the Osaki Symposium of Pluthermal - Chubu Electricity refused request

Chubu Electric Power announced on 29th, before the symposium on pluthermal power generation held in Omaezaki-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture in 2007, from the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency of Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency of Japan, "from the question of whether We prepared a questionnaire from the standpoint and asked the local people to speak, "he said. Chubu Electric believes that he loses regional confidence rather than rejecting this "questionable question" work

Osaka station famous large hourglass, Akashi city riddles: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Shipment burden of 3 billion tons to China's burdock "Domestic Production" and 7 prefectures suspected of spoofing - Society

In the workshop in Kumamoto city, it was said that he was carrying a camouflage work such as attaching mud of a field near burdock purchased through an import company. The prefectural police are seeing that they began camouflaging around 2005 and had sales of hundreds of millions of yen.

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Pest damage, eating to solve Central 9 prefectures "Jibie union" to launch - Society

Tokyo Newspaper: Metro Heiwadai Station Elevator Full Rope Break Fall, Stop: Society (TOKYO Web)

This time the rope breaks during the ascent, senses the descent and emergency stops at a height of about 3 meters from the ticket gate. With that momentum a woman stuck.

This is scary ...

Residential ballot regulation: 70 years of Shinano, signing directly for one person 359 people / Nagano - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

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If you are traveling in Hokkaido during the summer vacation, you will definitely want to visit 13 superb scenery spots | Roprog

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I uploaded this manga to pixiv and the account was restricted and I could not publish the picture with pixiv. On Twitpic
By the way, the account has been restored

Togetter - "TINAMI was murmuring about the disturbance around certain places and the purpose of the site"

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Madohomuko's Miscellaneous Material Catalog / Some Reasons Why "An Everyday" Animation Has Not Hit

Bizarre / hair length girl kidnapping detention cases ~ movie "rapunzel on the tower" - memory fog, garbage in the storage area

It is Disney animation "rapunzel on the tower". It can be said that this is already a masterpiece. It is regrettable that I could not see it at the movie theater when the theater was released.

However, what I thought by watching this was "Why can not this be a studio ghibli?" Independence of a girl, is not it exactly what you specialize in Ghibli?

"Atelier of Merle" CERO: Accepted that there is an inappropriate expression in category A Stop shipping Cana speed

Togetter - "Memory of the (mainly) SF clusters to Komatsu Sakyo death"

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【There is a picture】 Uchida Aya's big tits are too intense w wwwww | 【2ch】 Knitsu VIP Blog
There is also a theory that was great from long ago

Tell me the fashionable and coolest jazz masterpiece to beginner me | Top page news

Everyone | Yuko Miyamura Official blog "Skidamarink a dink a dink ~ Parenting in Australia ~" Powered by Ameba

A boy was born safely on 25th early morning at 3:49 pm and 3716 grams! It is!

Ray · Harakami, sudden death due to cerebral hemorrhage on 27th July - News - TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Mr. Irabu is "Family of Yankees forever" announces statement - Society
todayHideki Iraba who was found dead at home
From the New York Yankees who belonged for three years, issued a statement that "a player who wore a uniform of pinstripe once was a family of the Yankees forever"

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