A photo book of fascinating poses with a high level of reproduction of female cosplayers

The cosplay article of

'Wonder Festival 2011 [Summer] ' that ended in enthusiasm was also the last. Cosplay companions such as ' Super Sonico ' and ' Mado Magi ', dollers who can withstand the heat, cosplay boys who are enthusiastic, beautiful girl cosplay by cute girls , famous cosplayer Ushijima , so far We have posted a total of 6 cosplay articles, but there are still many high-level cosplayers, so please enjoy it to your heart's content.

From the popular anime ' TIGER & BUNNY ' currently being aired, Blue Rose appears with Pepsi Nex in one hand. I saw many blue roses at this Wonder Festival 2011 summer.

This is the Oiran version of

'Macross F ' Sheryl Nome, which has become a standard cosplay.

This is

Erica Kuramoto from RAITA 's douujinshi 'Magical Girl'.

It is a race called Misura that appears in


There was a trio of Nefertari Vivi, Boa Hancock, and Nami from the nationally popular '

One Piece'.

Nefertari Vivi.

Boa Hancock.

This is Nami.

Junko Enoshima from '


Erio Fujiwa, the heroine of '

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko'.

The last is Nana Chigusa from

'Nana and Kaoru'.

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