One fest introduces preferential entry ticket "One Festa Direct Path" from 2011 [summer]

At the Wonder Festival in 2008"There are too many people, the escalator breaks down and flows backwards, and an injured person comes out."There was an accident called. Although the accident that the injured person comes out has not occurred after moving the opening to Makuhari Messe, even after that, even though the ban was prohibited, the evening set came out, visitors to the Kaihin Makuhari station arrived at the first train I had problems such as flooding.

To solve these problems, organize a wonder festivalKaiyodoAlthough the Wonder Festival Executive Committee said as "determination of bitterness"2011 [Summer]It is a priority admission ticket"One festival direct path"We began to introduce.

One festival direct path

On July 24 Wonder Festival day, around the Kaihin Makuhari station around 2:30 am. People walking can hardly be seen, but the bike runs with occasional loud noises.

According to the announcement by the executive committee, although it is prohibited to wait in the evening at the Wonder Festival because there is a danger of getting sick due to heat and cold and the risk of being suffering from robbery and extortion, There are people who disregard this prohibition and there are people who are queuing up on the premises for matrices made after the last train due to safety problems.

However, from the perspective that those who lined up ignoring such prohibitions are strange to be able to enter before the people who first visited by rule, following the rules, without putting superiority or inferiority on the tournament row and the first row , He seems to have made adjustments to have it enter at the same time.

In the meantime, information saying "A person who arrives at the head of the first group more quickly than entering the last group of the night group" can be entered, the situation occurred that the person was flooded at the Kaihin Makuhari Station at the first time, There is a person who enters "Kaihin Makuhari Station and leaves a ticket gate at Kaihin Makuhari station", and trouble caused by freezing of ticket gates has also occurred.

2:45 am, entrance of Kaihin Makuhari Station. At this point, people waiting around the entrance of Kaihin Makuhari Station could not be seen.

The vicinity of the entrance of Makuhari Messe, the venue of Wonder Festival. Especially it is not blocked and anyone can enter the entrance of the hall as well as daytime.

Leaving the current situation where such confusion is occurring is to delay the peak time of station congestion and to disperse the congestion from the fear that a falling accident at home and a struggle at stairs may occur It is said that he decided to introduce the preferential entry ticket "One Festival Direct Pass".

In order to enter in the one-fes direct pass, it is necessary to have a ticket and visit between 8:30 and 9:00. For direct pass, you can purchase up to one per person after registering as a member from Lawson ticket. Payment method is only credit card.

3 o'clock in the morning, the staff stands at the entrance of the hall and is showing guidance.

As I said that this time it was still the first time to introduce, still all night groups were occurring. Another column is made in the hall, and the staff is also doing security all night.

The last tail of an all - night group. About 100 people were making rows at this time.

In order to operate the Wonder Festival, securing a large venue is an important issue. Even in the future when holding at Makuhari Messe, consideration not only to the venue but also to the surrounding facilities is a part that we must consider not only for the management side but also for fans participating in the event .

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