"Soul FES 2011" which the old and new super robots gathered

At Bandai's new product exhibition "Soul Festival 2011" held at Bersaar Akihabara on July 16th and 17th, there is only "summer of superalloy, summer of robot", and the popular game "Super Robot Super robots like those appearing in the Great War were on their way.

TAMASHII FESTIVAL 2011 - Summer of superalloy, Summer of robot ~

"Future Robo DaltaniasFrom "GX-59 Daltanias". It is 21 thousand yen when released in April 2011.

"Cosmopolitan God SigmaFrom "GX-60 God Sigma". By the release of July 2011, the price is 24,150 yen.

"King of Braves GaogaigarCorner of. This "King of Braves Gaogaigar" was released in August 2011, 5250 yen.

It is "super ryujin".

This is "Victory Key Set 1". It is 2100 yen when released in August 2011.

And "Victory Key Set 3".

"Super Robot Big Battle OGThere are also many robots.

"Cybaster" released in July 2011, 6090 yen.

A corner where super robots are intertwined.

This is "Weiss Ritter". We released it at 5040 yen in May 2011.

And "Alto Eisen". It is released in October 2010, 5040 yen.

"Altoisen · Nacht" is 5250 yen by delivery in September 2011.

"Mazinger Z "From Mazinger Z. It is 3675 yen in August 2010 release.

"Great MazingerGreat mazinger. It is 4725 yen on sale in August 2010.

"GEAR Warrior Raiden"GEAR Warrior Raiden" released in March 2011 is 5040 yen.

This is "Knight GEAR Fang Fang". In March 2011 release, the price is 5040 yen.

"Brave Reideen"Black Reiden" is a commemoration item for holding soul festival events. It is 4500 yen.

"Brave Raideen" is released in July 2011, it is 4725 yen.

"Super rider Rideen"God Reiden" of 5775 yen released in December 2011 release.

"Soul festival event holding commemoration commodity" Black God Reiden ". It is 5500 yen.

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