Pictures of different kinds of animals spending a lot of time together

Before,A movie playing a conflict between a pigeon and a catThis time, it is a photograph of "The appearance that different kinds of animals are getting along with each other" on the contrary.Predatory-fed relationshipEven among animals like those in Animals are peaceful in some cases, and it seems that my mind calms down when I look at it.

Photography Collection of Extraordinary Animal Friendships

1:Fight cats and chickens

2:A monkey cheeked on the back of a pigeon

3:Piglets wearing tigers and ribbons face each other

Four:A sheep and an elephant who are close together

Five:Deers and dogs whose hair color resembles

6:CraneBirds that seem to be

7:Babies are skunks and raccoons

8:A cat licked with a lick to a dog

9:A dog has a face on the back of a rabbit

Ten:A dog that fits with a mouse

11:The dog is licking the face of the rabbit

12:A scene like a movie in which a kittens and puppies stare at each other

13:Did rabbits and deer sense their familiarity because their hair colors resemble each other?

14:Even cats and rats can spend peacefully

15:This is the same dog, but the size is quite different

16:Ducks and cats in the room

17:A bird surrounds a rat in a wing

18:A monkey is standing close to the back of a goat

19:A cute combination of squirrel and chick

20:Rats are riding on Gamma fro

twenty one:A cat like a dog's ear replacing a blanket

twenty two:Cows and pigs in a state of uncoupled state

twenty three:A monkey holding a whole body on the back of a dog

twenty four:A bird standing on a cow

twenty five:Cat and dog having a calm time

26:It seems that cats are taking the initiative somewhat

27:It seems that I could find a secret meeting by someone

28:A crow on the head of a cow in the water

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