The final evolution form of MD (Mini Disc) that blew away the world "Hi-MD" to complete shipment

Since it was released in 1992, it is more compact than the conventional analog cassette with high sound quality, so it has become popular among young peopleMD (Mini Disc)However, corresponding to MP3 files, flash memory players with high compatibility with PCs have declined as they began to spread.

However, MD itself has adopted "ATRAC 3" for audio codec to evolve such as supporting long-time recording, and in 2004 the final evolutionary form "Hi-MD" was released, but finally It was clear that shipment was completed.

Notice | Portable audio player WALKMAN "Walkman" | Sony

According to Sony's press release, the company is to complete the shipment of Hi-MD Walkman "MZ-RH 1" main unit in September 2011 and Hi-MD disk "HMD 1 GA" in September 2012.

About "Hi-MD" | "Hi-MD" format.

Hi-MD is a standard that enables recording of 1 GB on the same size disk as conventional MD, ATRAC 3 and ATRAC 3 plus, MP3, linear PCM compatible. It was a medium that was able to record data files such as images and texts other than music which were rarely supported by conventional MDs.

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