The Twitter trend ranking in June, the most frequently used hash tag is "# tigerbunny"

BIGLOBE's own companyTwitter data analysis serviceWe compiled tweets posted on Twitter using Twitter, and we released a keyword ranking which became a hot topic on Twitter in June 2011.

BIGLOBE announces trends in twitter usage in June | Notice | NEC Big Lobe

Well-usedhashtagRanking first place, anime "TIGER & BUNNY (Tiger & Bunny)"# Tigerbunny" given to related tweets. Second place is "Self-management tool Thirty Saw - life is only 30,000 days"# 30 thou" used by the user is ranked in, but the third place is "We still do not know the name of the flower we saw that day."Blue Exorcist"Sunday morning animation special effects (nowKamen Rider OzeWhenKaizoku Sentai Gokaiger) ""Suite PreCure ♪"Denpa Onna to Seiuchi"Hanasaku Iroha","Super! A & amp; G"Hash tags assigned to topics of animation and special effects, animation related radio account for the majority.

In the celebrity ranking, in the person ranking, "AKB 48" which gathered the topic in the "AKB general election" and a specific member name ranked in a lot. Also, the voice actor known for such as "Uta Girl Revolutionary Utena"Tomoko KawakamiYou can see that many tweets were accepted as a result of the passion died on June 9th. Besides, I came to Japan from June 21 for the reconstruction event of the Great East Japan EarthquakeLady GagaFirst ranked in eighth place, sentenced to prison sentence on 20 JuneTakafumi HorieHas appeared in 11th place.

The word ranking which counted many tweeted words ranked first in May as "earthquake", the second place as "train", the third place as "nuclear power plant", and there are many keywords on the news which is drawing attention now In the 5th place, the longer word "Earthquake Early Warning" also ranked in. Other than that, I saw a word that would be used in everyday conversation such as "curry" "holiday".

By the way, the total number of tweets in Japan in June is 715.56 million, which is slightly lower than the 724.67 million cases in May. Details of the aggregated data are as follows.

* Aggregation period: 4:00 on June 1, 2011 to 4:00 AM on July 1, 2011
* Total tweets (Note 3): 715,064,880 cases
* Average number of tweets per day: 23,066,609
* Most Posted: June, 19, 25, 392, 140
* Most Recent Posted Week x Time: Tuesday at 23 o'clock Average 2,084,330 cases
* Most Recent Posted Week: 25,187,375 Sundays
* Most frequent posting time: 2, 186 on average at 23 o'clock
* Posting ratio: PC (24.1%), mobile (26.9%), mobile / PC (15.7% Note 4), smartphone (21.9%),
API (BOT etc.) (4.3%), cooperative service (3.3%)

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