Ireland's Myths and Traditions Top 10 I'd Like to Know Frequent in Films and Manga

ByAlejandra Mavroski

Ireland is a treasure trove of myths and traditions,"Harry potter"Modern movies such as series,"Berserk"Comics such as manga such as manga, mythical themes, etc., are taken into various forms in works dealing with fantasy and are indispensable things. Under such circumstances, the top 10 of the most widely known Irish myths and traditions I want to know as original plays are as follows.

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10th place:Banshee (bean sidhe)

Banshee is a woman's fairy foretelling the death of a man, it is said to appear in the form of an old woman in ragged wear, a beautiful girl's figure, or a woman washing bloody clothes. In the house where Banshee heard a cry, it is said that the dead will come out soon, and in tradition the hero of the Celtic mythKoo Ho LinIt is said to have predicted the death of.

9th place:Puca (Puca, Pooka, Phouka, Puka et al. Glashtyn, Gruagach)

Puka is made up of Irish andWalesIt is believed fairies believed in rural villages and others, mainly appearing in the form of black horses. If puka appears, if luck is good, only the fence of the farm etc. will be destroyed, but if the luck is bad, the family guy is led out and put on the back of puka, killed or taken away somewhere It is being told. Also, this puffa becomes the basis, the fairy of mischiefpackIt is thought that it was born.

8th place:Changeling

In tradition, fairies, elves and trolls are said to sometimes give birth to ugly children, and "replacement children" are supposed to be replaced by ugly children and human children born. In order to regain the child who was taken away instead of the replacement child, it is said that it would be good to hit the replacement child, often a malformation or intellectual handicapped child was suspected as a replacement child and received a disastrous treatment It is said. As a work dealing with replacement children,William ShakespearePlays"Summer Night's Dream"It is well known. The pack which is a character of the cartoon "Berserk" seems to have been named for the fairy pack that appears in this work.

7th place:DaguzaHarp

Daguza appears in Celtic myth"The Danna divine"It is said to be the supreme god, knowledge, land, fertility, having a beautiful harp. One time, when the harp of Daguza was stolen by enemy tribes, Daguza gets into a single enemy's castle. When Daguza called the harp, the harp returned to the hands of Daguza, and when Dagza played the first chord, the soldier of the castle cried in sorrow, cried crying, then laughed when playing a chord, then laughed a chord finally played I fell into a deep sleep, and myth that the Daguza was able to recover the harp safely and escape from the enemy's castle is transmitted.

6th place:LilChildren

Lil is a god of the sea and has four children. He marries his wife 's sister when his wife dies, but the new wife is jealous of Ril' s children and tries to eliminate them. When a new wife takes children to the lake one day, he casts spells and turns them into swans. Children who were turned into swans were supposed to be unable to return to their original form until listening to the sound of the saint's bell and later spread Christianity to IrelandSt. PatrickIt is said that it was able to regain its appearance for the first time at the Bell of Bell.

5th place:St. Patrick

St. Patrick is a saint who spread Christianity in Ireland, born in Wales and brought to Ireland as a slave when young. I listened to the voice of God while working in the ranch, went to descend and went to the European Continent to learn theology, after 7 years of study, I devoted myself to the rest of my life to Ireland. He was not designated as a saint for a while after death and was forgotten from among people, but later missionaries began to tell his story and again the name of St. Patrick among the people It became known.


Generally called "grass with leaves such as clover, it is divided into three" Shamrock ", it is regarded as a national flower of Ireland. Prior to the arrival of Christianity, it was treated as a leaf with holy powers such as Druid monk and Celtic people, and St. Patrick said, "The fact that Shamrock's leaves are divided into three is a trinity" He seems to have done missionary work. Currently, March 17th is called St. Patrick's Day, it is decorating Shamrock on the chest or wearing green ones to celebrate.

3rd place:Fin · McCool

Finn McCool is a warrior who frequently appears in the legend of Ireland, and he and the legend of salmon are widely known all over the world. Finnus druid monk, Finnegas, who is studied by Finn, sometimes cooks the salmon of wisdom that wisdom is gained by eating the disciples, but they say that they should never eat. The fins cook salmon, but oil bounced while baking salmon and licked the oil on its thumb, so the fins licked their thumbs to get a wonderful wisdom every time they confronted every challenge It is said that it became.

Second place:Fairy

Fairies are widely appeared in myths and traditions around the world, but they have a particularly important meaning in Ireland's tradition. Fairy in Ireland is said to be very close to human life, has a strong power with a beautiful appearance, carries mainly misfortune, it is considerably far from the image of Tinker Bell of Peter Pan It is. Many Fairies do not take people's appearance, like a big fireWill au WhispOr, cat'sKet Sea, RiverKelpieEtc are also considered as a kind of fairy. In the aforementioned "Summer Night's Dream", Fairy King Oberon and his wife Titania have appeared, and it has become a comedy drawn vividly of the fairies' society.

First place:Leprechaun

Leprechaun is the most well-known tribe among the fairies living in Ireland. It was seen from the tradition of the Irish in the Middle Ages, traditionally a tall fairy, it is said to appear in front of a person in the form of an elderly person, and is now tall in a well-known green clothes It seems that it was quite different from the figure. Leprechaun likes to gather gold, sells it in a pot and hides it at the base of the rainbow. If a human catches a leprechaun, they are said to be able to fulfill three wishes in return for their being released.

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