Illustrator Abe Yoshitoshi illustration production using Painter 12 All work process movies

I kept using Painter for 18 years, Illustrator who is a hard-core user that almost all illustrations drawn as professionals are by PainterYoshitoshi AbeMr. (representative work such as "lain" "NieA_7" "Hay wing federation" "TEXHNOLYZE"), and "Talent", Gangan ONLINE at"Rusika · Lewishica"In series) was held at the newsletter hall in Ginza on 30th JunePainter 12 Japanese EditionIllustration image production process that I showed at the presentation session, the actual full process version full movie recorded movie is released on YouTube.

The movie itself is almost 20 times faster, yet it's about 23 minutes in total. "Since the end of the movie will be the completion drawing, please stop and stop at the place where you want to go forward and fast-forward by moving the slider, please see to the end".

YouTube - Painter 12 recital, demonstration image production process

This first


Eye enters and it looks like a step by step

The detail gets finer

Scalp portion from around 15 minutes

Since it enters the finishing from around 19 minutes it will change a lot


In addition, the actual illustration of the illustration completed at pixiv is released. "Line drawing is pencil, picking up trash with PhotoShop, after coloring with Painter 12, texture processing with PhotoShop".

"Dragon and Girl" / Illustration of "abfly" [pixiv]

This is the work of Mr. Yoshitoshi Abe exhibited on the day of Painter 12 presentation

Mr. Yoshitoshi Abe who demonstrated

A state of demonstration

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