Cutting thick books and magazines crisply, large paper cutter convenient for e-book production

As mobile devices compatible with electronic books such as tablet devices and smartphones become popular, a method called "self-catering" that cuts and scans a book on hand is gathering attention.

However, with ordinary cutting machines, as books get thicker, it becomes more difficult to cut, but even large books and magazines can cut crisply into large cutting machines "A4 size paper cutterIt is clear that it will be released.

Large-scale cutting machine NV-BC100U Noback

According to the official website of familiar PC peripheral equipment maker, NOVAC, etc. on external HDD case etc, we are planning to release a large-sized cutting machine "A4 size paper cutter NV-BC100U" from July 8th. The market assumed price is 15,800 yen.

This is the main body. It is a model that can cut books and paper up to 310 mm (A4 long side, A3 short side) length, weighs about 17 kg. Unlike conventional cutting machines, it is possible to cut paper with a thickness of up to 40 mm at one time with a beautiful cut at least 400 sheets of ordinary copy paper. Since it is designed not to cut unless safety lever is unlocked, beginners can use it with confidence.

The option replacement blade is 3500 yen. Even if the sharpness becomes dull, it is OK.

Receiving trees for replacement are also sold for 3,500 yen.

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