Samsung's counterattack asking Apple to disclose iPhone 5 and iPad 3, the court rejected

About Apple's "Galaxy" series developed by Samsung in April this year,Appeal as Apple "blatant copy of iPhone or iPad"It is fresh to memorize, but even now the court struggle continues.

And Samsung from courtRequested to disclose not yet released smartphones etc. to AppleTo AppleRequest disclosure of iPad 3, iPhone 5 etc.Although it was, it became clear that it was rejected from the court.

Samsung Loses Court Bid to Examine Apple's New Product Samples for Lawsuit - Bloomberg

Bloomberg reports that the court dismissed the disclosure of unsold products such as iPhone 5 and iPad 3 that Samsung had asked Apple for a series of court struggles.

California San Jose District Court Judge Lucy H. Koh in the case that it is necessary to disclose unreleased products for verification of similarity approved by Apple about the reason for dismissing Samsung's claim I answer that it is not the case.

In addition, Apple recently purchased Samsung terminals subject to litigation from 15 traditional modelsIt has expanded to 27 models including 12 latest models including smartphone "Galaxy S II" and tablet terminal "Galaxy Tab 10.1"Because of this rejection, the environment surrounding Samsung is likely to be more severe.

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