Ring-shaped mouse "Genius 2.4 GHz Wireless Ring Mouse" operated with thumb

Wireless ring-shaped mouse "Genius 2.4 GHz Wireless Ring Mouse" appeared wirelessly attached to the index finger like a finger ring and can be operated as a thrush with the thumb. Operate with the communication method using the 2.4 GHz band, charge the built-in lithium battery by USB connection and use it. The supported OS is Windows 7 / Vista / XP.

Genius 2.4 GHz Wireless Ring Mouse

This is "Genius 2.4 GHz Wireless Ring Mouse". The price is 55 dollars (about 4400 yen).

It is a pretty simple design. The size is 29 mm × 40 mm × 32 mm, and the weight is 13 g.

After wearing it on the index finger like this, operate it with your thumb.

It is possible to move the mouse cursor and scroll by touching the touch panel area with your thumb. The two buttons in front are used for clicking.

Power button and microUSB port on the back.

This is a receiver to plug into the PC body. In addition, it can be used within the range of 10 m from the receiver.

USB cable for charging is included.

I will also come with a carrying case for going out.

When closing the lid it looks like this.

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