Finally NOKIA to announce "Windows Phone" smartphone within the year

Boasting the top share in the world, in the smartphone business, it continues to be pushed by competing camps such as BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, and finally it is NOKIA which Apple has overwhelmed with Apple's sales in the mobile phone business from January to March 2011 However, it became clear that it finally started moving in the smartphone business.

Nokia announces smartphone adopted "Windows Phone" within the year | Reuters

According to Reuters news agency report, Finnish mobile phone maker, CEO of NOKIA, Stephen Elop of former Microsoft announced that it will announce smartphone adopting "Windows Phone" within the year.

Mr. Elop said that it will concentrate on the company's first smartphone business strategy on the Windows Phone and will start shipping in 2012.

The current situation surrounding NOKIA is far from good, and Nomura Securities will give Samsung the top position in the second quarter of 2011 in smartphone sales and will give up to second place in Apple in the third quarter I'm predicting.

The rapid expansion of market share by emerging manufacturers such as ZTE in China and Micromax in India has also influenced the company with a high share in developed countries and emerging countries and how much it will be in the future release of Windows Phone smartphone It seems that attention will be gathered as to whether it can be rewound.

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