400 naked people jumped to the sea all at once to establish a new nude world record

A total of 400 people gathered from all over the world gathered all the clothes and jumped into the ocean at the same time was held on the Rhissili Beach on the Gower Peninsula in Wales, England.

Skinny dippers brave cold to set new nude world record in Wales | Metro.co.uk

The event began before 8 AM in the weather with rainy weather.

Participants took off the clothes they were wearing one after the other and jumped into the sea while raising a funny chick.

It is a scene like a movie.Cigar Ross album jacketIt seems to be similar to ... ....

After a while the water temperature was quite low, so gradually it seems that the champion changed to a cold voice.

And I put on my clothes one after another.

Though they are cold, people talk about excitement.

It seems that "world record of sea bathing by naked people" was 250 people, but this time over 400 people were eventually gathered beyond the 300 people who initially anticipated, so the organizer Alison Powell He is planning to apply to Guinness. Also, she said "I enjoyed myself, I have never seen so many happy smiles so far."

Steve Absalom, a 29-year-old who participated, said, "I am very shy, so I never swam naked so far, but it seems like 400 people are jumping into the sea in front of me with a spectacular sight There was nothing embarrassing about anything, and I enjoyed it to the highest degree. "

This event is "Mary Curie · Cancer · careIt is done for the purpose of gathering donation to the cancer fund such as "It is said that 5000 pounds (about 650,000 yen) or more was collected.

It is from the movie below that it is actually jumping in.

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