Proposal with a bouquet of lizards too? Action that shows incredibly human-like lizard love that it occurred naturally

A scene where men propose a flower bouquet to a woman is familiar to movies and dramas, but there may be a culture that propose bouquets even in the lizard's world.

The picture that Alexey Tymoshenko took with the back of the parents living in Ukraine was a female that faced the boss with a male with bouquets and a female that stretches out to save the female who slipped from there and fell down According to Alexey's point of view, it seems that the affections of human-like lizards are expressed and it is a photograph that can not be believed to have occurred naturally, but apparently what actually happened It seems to have been copied.

Pictures of too passionate lizards are from the following.Lizard love: Male warms heart of female with a bunch of flowers | Mail Online

Two lizards faced on the plant. A lizard seen as a male carries flowers in her hands.

And a male reaching for a female who slides down. It is a dramatic scene like a movie. According to Alexey who took a picture, the male jumped off the plant to help the female after this.

Alexey said that he likes to see a lizard when playing in the garden when he was a little, and he knew that the lizard soon got accustomed to humans, "but even if they are so passionate I did not know that they would help each other.I was moved by the male jumping to help the female.Only surprised in particular that the male had flowers.I am not a lizard specialist I do not know what that action means, but I only seemed to male to propose to female, "I tell you about the surprise when I saw this scene.

Alexey is taking a picture as a hobby while going to university, "I like to take nature, especially because animals do not take poses, I can take the figure as it is," said the act I emphasize that it is not something else.

Even though I heard this story, it is still an incredibly human picture, but perhaps in the world of lizards flowers may be an effective tool for approaching women.

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